Marvel's Avengers War Table Livestream Details Challenge Room Content

During Marvel’s Avengers’ second War Table livestream, we learned about some of the activities you can participate in during the upcoming betas. One of these activities is the HARM challenge rooms.

These Holographic Augmented Reality Machine rooms are virtual training simulators that let you battle waves of increasingly difficult enemies by yourself, with companion AI, or with four other real players. When the beta goes live this August, you can choose from Iron Man, Kamala Khan, Black Widow, and The Hulk and take them through these challenge rooms to test your teamwork and earn various nameplates that will carry over to the main game. There will be four challenge rooms available in the beta, with more appearing in the full game.

Developer Crystal Dynamics also touched on other Marvel’s Avengers aspects during the War Table livestream. The studio shared details on the cooperative Warzone missions, a look at the campaign content, and more.

The beta for Marvel’s Avengers will open first to PlayStation 4 owners. Those who pre-ordered the game on Sony’s current-gen system can access the beta on August 7. The following week, on August 14, PC and Xbox One players who pre-ordered the game–alongside all PS4 players–will get their hands on the beta before it is opened to everyone else on August 21. You can check out our Marvel’s Avengers pre-order guide to learn what other bonuses you get with buying early, as well as what editions are currently available to purchase before it drops on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4.

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