Gaming Detail: The Pirate-Ship Cannon Actually Fires In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a veritable treasure trove of delightful details. It seems as though every notable type of furniture item has an associated quirk, from the rotating fans to the pinball machines. Rarer items tend to have more noticeable quirks, such as the Pirate-Ship Cannon, an item that can be obtained exclusively from Gullivarrr.

We all know Gulliver, the unlucky sailing gull with an unfortunate habit of washing up unconscious on players’ beaches. But who’s Gullivarrr? The cooler Gulliver, of course. Gullivarrr is a New Horizons exclusive: a pirate-themed Gulliver lookalike who will occasionally wash up on the player’s shore. He is an NPC first introduced in Summer Update Wave 1. Unlike Gulliver, he will only ask players to dive and find his communicator, rather than five separate pieces of one.

The Pirate Series and outfit set are pretty great, so if you happen on Gullivarrr laying passed out on the beach, definitely give him a poke. One short dive is a small price to pay for a pirate eyepatch, and almost negligible if it means you can have a shiny, fireable ship cannon in your home. Maybe you could collect a few and post them around your island to make a fort. One Redditor has even used the pirate set to create their own pirate-themed tavern!

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