The Biggest Gaming News For January 12, 2022

Today has been jam-packed with exciting announcements and interesting projects, including the release date reveal of Kirby and the Forgotten Lands. We also received news that the Twisted Metal reboot is reportedly getting a new developer and that Stalker 2 has unfortunately undergone a hefty delay. All that and more if you read on.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Will Have Co-Op, Launching March 25

Despite only being revealed just a short while ago, Kirby and the Forgotten Land now has a release date of March 25, just over two months away. The game's new trailer gave us a closer look at the world you'll be exploring as well as a hub world in which Kirby can participate in various activities like cooking and fishing. It's also been confirmed that the game will have co-op, allowing players to team up with a Waddle Dee buddy, albeit only via local multiplayer.

Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Taken Over By Sony's Firesprite Studio, Lucid Games Kicked From The Project

Rumors of a Twisted Metal reboot from Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games have been swirling for a while, but now it seems like Lucid may have kicked from the project altogether. Reports from today suggest that Sony's newly acquired Firesprite Studio has now taken over development, with key developers from Lucid moving over to stay on the project. These reports don't mention a potential reason for the shift, but it's likely due to the poor performance of Destruction AllStars.

Stalker 2 Hit With A 7 Month Delay, Launching December 8

Unfortunate news for Stalker fans as it has been confirmed that Stalker 2 will be pushed back a whopping seven months and will release in December this year. The developers haven't made it clear why the game has been delayed, but promises fans it's been done to "deliver you a game that can live up to the expectations". Stalker fans have been waiting since 2009 for a new game, so an extra seven months doesn't seem too bad in that context.

Expect More Cross-Gen Games As Sony Orders 1 Million PS4s

Cross-gen games don't look to be going anywhere soon as Sony is attempting to combat its PS5 shortage by producing more PS4s. Sony had originally planned to discontinue PS4 production at the end of 2021, but chip shortages caused by the pandemic and the rise in scalping have caused PS5 production to be much slower than expected. Instead, Sony has now ordered an additional 1 million PS4s, meaning that cross-gen games are likely to be around for at least a couple more years, if not longer.

Among Us To Get Manga Adaptation

Finally, we got the news today that Among Us is going to be featured in Bessatsu Corocoro, a Japanese manga anthology that is aimed towards elementary school kids. Among Us joins Sonic the Hedgehog as the only two video game properties that have ever featured in the anthology, showing just how popular the indie title has become over the past couple of years. Now all we need is an Among Us anime and life will be complete.

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