The HyperX Armada monitor is an easy to install, high quality video game screen

Popular earphones maker HyperX has branched into monitors for the first time and the Armada is a hell of a piece of kit.

The peripherals team has become a benchmark for high quality devices that help boost your video gaming in recent years.

And that quality hasn’t dropped with the launch of both 25in and 27in monitors designed to boost your visual enjoyment of the very best gaming has to offer.

They offer high resolution, slick and smooth running speeds and a slim, functional build ideal for any pro gaming set-up.

The Armada monitors come in an all-in-one package on delivery that includes the HyperX Armada Single Gaming Mount for your desktop.

It’s a big old box, but once opened you’ll be up and running in no time.

The heavy, thick metal mount and arm clamps onto a desk with a solid rigidity that is reassuring.

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It all locks together firmly in minutes and has a fantastic robot-arm like design, allowing you to move your attached screen around the desk space with a huge amount of flexibility.

I could sit it easily above my work laptop so that once the day’s graft was done I could effortlessly plug in and play without adjusting the desk.

But on weekends, you could also lower the display to a sit-down eye level for those longer gaming sessions, all by the flick of a hand.

It’s swish and effortless. Exactly what it should be straight out of the box.

The monitor itself again is plug-and-play.

So I had an Acer Aspire Vero HDMI’d in to one of the three available ports on the back and running beautifully, again with ease.

Those extra ports, which include one DisplayPort, give you the option of multiple gaming machines and consoles all plugged in at the same time, ready to go at the switch of an input.

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We tried the 27in Armada model, which offers a super sharp image thanks to its QHD (2560×1440) IPS widescreen and VESA Display.

Lighting comes across brilliantly thanks to to a HDR400 resolution, defining the blacks within the blacks that other monitors may struggle to split in different room lights.

It also offers a blindingly quick 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for crisp and smooth visuals on speedy games like racer Forza Horizon, which looked dreamy on this screen.

Ideal also if you want that split-second edge over rivals in multiplayer modes.

It has an impressive viewing angle of around 178°, more than enough for gamers to move about the room while rocking their gameplay in lengthy sessions on titles like Halo Infinite and Call of Duty Vanguard.

Gotta keep the blood flowing after all.

There’s a clever button on the back that controls the screen itself, allowing to adjust all kinds of built-in options with a left/right/up/down movements. Push it in and it selects.

Above that is a physical on-off button.

The design, as you’d expect, is all black, with a simple HyperX logo on the bottom panel at the front and another at the top, behind. It’s just over a centimetre thick.

Overall, this flexible monitor delivers super fast, super smooth visuals for both console and PC gamers.

It knows what it is, who it’s for and it sticks to it.

The Armada is there for easy access, durability and quality and, while it is not cheap, is well worth a look if you’re keen on a top-level piece of kit to boost your gaming experience.


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