Shadow Warrior 3 Is Cursing On Over To PS4 And Xbox One

Devolver Digital has announced that Shadow Warrior 3 will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One alongside the previously announced PC version sometime later this year. Revealed during IGN’s exclusive preview of the “Doomsday Device” level, it will be interesting to see if next-gen versions get released or if there will be any enhancements for […]

Witcher 3 Director Leaves CDPR In Response To Bullying Allegations

The director of the Witcher 3, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, announced his resignation from CD Projekt following an investigation into allegations of workplace bullying. According to Bloomberg, Tomaszkiewicz has been under investigation for mobbing, the Polish term for bullying, for several months. Tomaszkiewicz denies these allegations and was found to be not guilty by that investigation, but […]

Borderlands 3 Exclusivity Deal Did A Lot For The Epic Games Store

More and more documents are coming out of the Apple vs Epic lawsuit that got started on Monday. The latest shows just how much Epic paid Take-Two Interactive to make Borderlands 3 exclusive on the Epic Games Store. GamesDiscoverCo founder Simon Carless uploaded this image showing how much Epic paid Take-Two for its exclusive arrangement. […]

Diablo 3: The Best Witch Doctor Builds, Ranked

The Witch Doctor has come a long way since the early days of running around while letting the pets do all of the work in Diablo 3. Once considered a master of hiding away, there are now many experts who can play the Witch Doctor and tweak the builds to do everything from crowd control […]

IO Interactive Claims Hitman 3’s Success Was Due To Launching In January

IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak has claimed that the success of Hitman 3 is mainly down to the game coming out in January. In an interview with (via VGC) Abrak revealed that Hitman 3 has sold 300% better than Hitman 2, despite the game having only been on store shelves for a few months. […]

Baldur’s Gate 3 "Will Be Very Different At Launch," Larian Studios Said

Baldur’s Gate 3 is still shaping up to become, hopefully, one of the pillars of the CRPG genre in the upcoming years. Larian Studios promised the game “will change considerably” by comparison to the current early access version. Moreover, fans should be ready that the project may not leave the ongoing phase anytime soon. Larian […]

Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut Rated For Nintendo Switch

One of Borderlands 3’s major updates and Director’s Cut add-on was originally planned to release on March 18, 2021. However, due to severe weather conditions in Texas, Gearbox Software tweeted on March 11, that the Director’s Cut for Borderlands 3 has been delayed until April 8, 2021… which has now passed. Speaking of this Director’s Cut, […]

The Witcher 3: 10 Best Treasure Quests To Make Geralt Rich

Geralt of Rivia is supposedly poor, but in hindsight for the games, he just lacks ambition. He could have been a king by The Witcher 3’s timeline given his capabilities. Thankfully, you have more ambition than Geralt of Rivia and your penchant for accumulating as much gold and precious swords as possible has made him […]