Hitman 3, Resident Evil 4 Get Game Awards VR Nominations

It’s nearly time for Keighley – The Game Awards returns on December 9 and nominations have just been revealed, including for Best VR/AR titles.

Well, it’s not really the best AR titles because there aren’t any listed, but you get the point. There are five nominees this year, including the PSVR-exclusive support for Hitman 3, Oculus Rift exclusive swansong Lone Echo 2, the recent port of Resident Evil 4 VR and then Schell Games’ excellent I Expect You To Die 2 alongside the equally-enjoyable Sniper Elite VR.

You can vote for your favorite game right here.

The Game Awards 2021 VR Nominations Revealed

It’s not a bad list of titles and we’re definitely relieved not to see Beat Saber somehow sneaking its way into the nominations for another year. We gave each of these titles UploadVR’s coveted ‘Great’ label save for Lone Echo 2, which we enjoyed but ultimately thought was too slow-paced and gave a ‘Good’.

As with any awards show, there are some omissions we can’t help but bring up. Demeo is the only new VR game to earn an ‘Essential’ label from us in 2021 so it’s a shame not to see it listed here, and the recent launch of 17-Bit’s Song In The Smoke feels like it deserves a mention, too. But these things are subjective and, even though we’re right, we’ll allow others to speak their opinions.

Still, this isn’t the only show to recognize VR achievements coming up soon. AIXR’s own VR Awards returns on November 18, too. Expect to see more VR awards prop up as we move into the new year, too.

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