Resident Evil 4 Remaster Modders Committed Despite RE4 Remake Rumors

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most beloved games in Capcom’s seminal series, and different mod groups have started projects to remaster the game over the years. One such effort is the Resident Evil 4 HD Project, which aims to totally overhaul the survival-horror shooter’s visuals to align with modern standards, like as updating […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake Mod Replaces The Undead With Dinosaurs

The Resident Evil 3 Remake surpassed an impressive sales milestone after only five days on sale, and there are potentially more Resident Evil remakes on the way. For all of the franchise’s success, however, there’s another survival horror series that Capcom continues to leave in the dark. Dino Crisis hasn’t been heard from since 2003 […]

Resident Evil 3's Resistance Mode Adds A New Mastermind In May

Resident Evil Resistance, the asynchronous multiplayer mode that released alongside Resident Evil 3, is introducing a new Mastermind in May. Antagonist Nicholai Ginovaef will join the roster for those who enjoy terrorising survivors with Tyrants, traps, and other nefarious means. On the flip side, protagonist Jill Valentine, along with her trusty Samurai Edge and dodge, […]

Resident Evil 8 will have VR support claims latest source

Capcom will be returning to the world of virtual reality with the next Resident Evil claims the latest leak, just like Resident Evil 7. The two Resident Evil remakes have been great. Well, mostly great when it comes to Resident Evil 3, but because they’re third person they’re missing one of the best things about […]

Resident Evil Shouldn’t Have Supernatural Elements (Ever)

With the recent release of the relatively controversial remake of Resident Evil 3, conversation regarding the series is at an all-time high. Longtime fans of the franchise that coined the term “survival horror” seem to be conflicted about the series’ future. Some are pining for a remake of either Code Veronica or Resident Evil 4, while […]

Resident Evil 4 remake already underway, out in 2022 claim rumours

Work on a remake of Resident Evil 4 started two years ago, according to the latest rumours, and will be the biggest remake project so far. Despite a less rapturous reception for the Resident Evil 3 remake, compared to that for Resident Evil 2, Capcom has allegedly already started work on the next one… and […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake Full Walkthrough, Tips, Secrets, And Guides

In Resident Evil 3 remake, there’s an army of zombies and deadly bio-weapons threatening protagonist Jill Valentine’s desperate efforts to escape Raccoon City. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a hulking monstrosity known as the Nemesis hunting her every step of the way. If that sounds overwhelming (it can be), then we’re here to […]

Leaker Claims Resident Evil 8 Will Be Called RE: VIIIage

According to a recent leak, an upcoming Resident Evil game from Capcom will be named Resident Evil: VIIIage. The title is a play on the 8th game’s Roman numeral, “VIII”, and the word, “village”, which will likely be the game’s setting. Interestingly enough, the leaker gave us much more info than just a name though. Resident Evil 8 […]

Resident Evil 3 Deals: Where To Find RE3 Remake In Stock And On Sale

Resident Evil fans can return to Raccoon City in Capcom’s latest remake of a horror classic, Resident Evil 3, which is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Resident Evil 3 takes place around the events of Resident Evil 2 but follows protagonist Jill Valentine, a S.T.A.R.S. agent trying to escape Raccoon City as […]