Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu Is Officially Over Nine Feet Tall

People are excited for Resident Evil Village. Part of that enthusiasm comes from the recent gameplay demo, along with additional details revealed as part of the latest trailer. However, another part of the excitement comes specifically from Lady Dimitrescu, the ghastly, yet compelling woman who has captured fans’ attention with her disturbing mystique and towering height. Capcom […]

Resident Evil 7: How To Find The D-Series Arm

After making it out of Resident Evil 7’s Main House, Ethan finds himself in the outer yard and unfortunately still stuck on the Baker Estate. Worse, Ethan’s already been infected by the mold at this point – his only chance of survival being a serum he doesn’t have the pieces for. Thankfully, Zoe – the […]

Resident Evil 7: How To Find The Lantern & Defeat Mutated Marguerite

Ethan Winters spends most of his time in Resident Evil 7 fighting off the advances of the Baker family – most notably Jack and Marguerite Baker. Both heads of the household are as cruel as they are terrifying, stopping at nothing to rip Ethan into pieces. This being Resident Evil, however, Ethan eventually builds the […]

Resident Evil RE:Verse multiplayer details leave fans unimpressed

Alongside Resident Evil Village, fans can try out a new online multiplayer game that pits the series’ most memorable icons against each other. While most fans’ attention was on those juicy Resident Evil Village details (and more footage of the tall vampire lady everyone’s fallen in love with), Capcom had an additional announcement during its […]

New Gameplay Today – Resident Evil Village PS5 Demo

Today has been like Christmas for fans of one of Capcom’s most revered franchises. During the Resident Evil Showcase, we learned when we’d be playing the new horror game, what the game’s collector’s edition would look like, and got our first look at gameplay. Most notably though, for fans looking to get their hands on the […]

PvP As Your Favorite Resident Evil Characters With RE: Verse

Earlier this month, Capcom invited a select number of players to join in on a closed beta test for a PvP experience meant to celebrate 25 years of the iconic Resident Evil franchise. That testing period is set to go live next week, but we do have our first look at what those players will enjoy […]

Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 3, And More Capcom Games On Sale At Fanatical

Capcom is delivering some Nemesis sized sales on Fanatical this week with discounts on Resident Evil 3, Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter World, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and much more. Fanatical is a digital PC game retailer like GOG and Green Man Gaming that sells authentic codes from the publisher. Each game is […]

Secret Resident Evil 25th Anniversary game announces closed beta test

Capcom seems to have a secret new Resident Evil game in development, as it promises to reveal more on Resident Evil Village next week. There’s a lot of big anniversaries coming up this year, including Pokémon in February, but another game about to celebrate its 25th anniversary is Resident Evil – and up until now […]

Resident Evil Village showcase event coming Jan. 21

Capcom is planning a big Resident Evil blowout on Jan. 21, including all-new details on Resident Evil Village, the next major entry in the survival horror game franchise. Next Thursday’s Resident Evil Showcase promises a “guided tour” of Resident Evil Village, which means a new trailer and our first look at gameplay. The Resident Evil […]