Resident Evil: How To Solve The Emblem Puzzles

Even though Resident Evil is classified as a survival horror franchise, it’s a series that’s arguably been best defined by its puzzles. The original Resident Evil features more puzzle solving and pure exploration than it does action, a trait it ended up sharing with Resident Evil 7. Revisiting the first Resident Evil can be difficult for newer fans, especially since the 2002 remake only expands on the original’s puzzles.

Resident Evil Remake is a game littered with puzzles, expecting players to pay close attention to their surroundings while making sure to carry the right items at all times. Some puzzles introduce key components so early without the resolution being in sight that it’s easy to forget about important details. The Emblem in the dining room is an item most players will instinctively grab on their first playthrough only to immediately forget about.

The Emblem puzzle isn’t particularly challenging, but it can be easy to overlook thanks to Resident Evil’s non-linear structure. Both Jill and Chris approach the mansion differently and have their own quirks that lead their playthroughs in unique directions. Resident Evil isn’t looking to hold your hand, even for the simplest puzzles.

The Dining Room Emblem

Both Chris and Jill can grab the Dining Room Emblem pretty much at the start of their playthroughs, but it’s better to leave it in place until you’ve explored the West Wing of the Mansion and unlocked the door between the Tea Room and Northern Corridor. Make sure to clear out any zombies in the area, as well.

Once you have, head to the Dining Room directly west of the Main Hall entrance. The Dining Room Emblem will be positioned right above the fireplace behind the head of the table. Interact with the Emblem to take it off its pedestal, leaving a hollow indentation in the wall.

Gold Emblem

Once you have the Dining Room Emblem in your inventory, cut into the Tea Room from the Dining Room and enter the Bar down the hall. There’s a movable bookshelf in the room which, when moved, reveals a sheet of music. As Jill, interact with the piano and she’ll start playing. This will reveal a hidden room in the Bar.

As Chris, Rebecca will come in and you’ll need to wait for her to study the music. Head to the Main Hall and run back, and Rebecca will be ready. Once the room’s been unlocked, grab the Gold Emblem inside and then put the Dining Room Emblem where it was. This will keep you from getting trapped in the secret room.

Shield Key

With the Gold Emblem in hand, you can finally get the Shield Key. Leave the Bar and return to the Dining Room. Walk to where you obtained the Dining Room Emblem and interact with the indentation to place the Gold Emblem inside. This will trigger the Grandfather Clock in the room, triggering a puzzle when interacted with. Move the Large gear Left twice and the Grandfather Clock will move, allowing you to grab the Shield Key behind it.

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