WWE’s New Day Wore Their Gears 5 Armor To The Ring At Survivor Series

New Day donned real-life versions of their Gears of War armor and wore it to the ring last night at Survivor Series.

The link between wrestling and video games is a strong one. That’s despite the best efforts of WWE 2K20 which has been dubbed the worst wrestling game of all time by a lot of fans. You can check out what we here at TheGamer though of 2K20 via our official review. Luckily for those of you who live in the area where wrestling fans and gamers meet on the Venn diagram have plenty of other things to get excited about right now.

The latest of those things comes in the form of some unexpected Gears 5 DLC. Xavier Woods, the host of gaming YouTube channel UpUpDownDown, revealed on Twitter that he and his New Day teammates Big E and Kofi Kingston will be DLC in Gears of War. Woods spoke of his love for the Gears franchise and shared a first look at what the wrestlers will look like in-game.

The trio looks incredibly cool in Gears 5, and their armor is in-keeping with how their colorful ring gear looks most of the time. So in-keeping with it, in fact, that the three of them wore real-life versions of it to the ring at Survivor Series on Sunday night. The looks on their faces serve as proof that this is much more than a money-making opportunity for all involved.

Wrestling fans will know that even though New Day is still together, it sort of lost a member recently. During last month’s WWE draft, Woods and Kingston were moved to Raw. Meanwhile, Big E remained on SmackDown. Since Big E didn’t have a match at Sunday night’s PPV, he donned his Gears armor and joined his former teammates for their entrance before the two of them took on Street Profits.

Gears players can unlock the New Day’s armor from now until December 4, 2020. It’s free for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and $19.99 for everyone else. Speaking of which, yet another reason anyone and everyone with an Xbox should sign up to Game Pass.  Just this month Game Pass subscribers have been given 30 free days of Disney+, and also access to EA Play as part of their subscription.

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