Gears of War maker shifts to Unreal Engine 5, winds down Gears 5 development

Development on Gears 5 is winding down, says The Coalition, as the studio shifts to projects using Unreal Engine 5 for the latest console and PC technology. Gears 5, which launched for Windows PC and Xbox One in September 2019, still has new content on the way, The Coalition said. Plans include Operation 7 and […]

Gears Pop Shuts Down Today

After almost two years since its launch, Gears Pop has shut down today. The real time strategy game based on the Gears of War franchise will no longer be playable, as announced in October last year. Gears Pop has primarily gone offline as developer Mediatonic found it difficult to maintain the servers and develop new […]

Genshin Impact Gears Up For A Thousand Question With Paimon Quiz Event

Mihoyo is giving you another chance to line your pocket with Genshin Impact currency. The developer’s next event, A Thousand Questions With Paimon, will make its return this week on April 6. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the challenge in Genshin Impact, so don’t worry, there aren’t really a thousand questions to answer […]

WWE’s New Day Wore Their Gears 5 Armor To The Ring At Survivor Series

New Day donned real-life versions of their Gears of War armor and wore it to the ring last night at Survivor Series. The link between wrestling and video games is a strong one. That’s despite the best efforts of WWE 2K20 which has been dubbed the worst wrestling game of all time by a lot […]

Gears Tactics Will Feature New Content On Xbox Series X And S

Gears Tactics launched earlier this year on PC, and it’s finally heading to Xbox Series X and Series S when the two consoles launch later this year, along with a host of gameplay and content additions. The new content will introduce Jack to the squad, who you will likely recognize as the cloaking robot companion […]

Sony Could Buy Warframe, Gears Tactics Parent Company

Sony is reportedly considering a bid on the parent company of Gears Tactics and Warframe developers Digital Extremes and Splash Damage. The company is said to be scouting the idea of an offer for Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd. Bloomberg reports that Leyou is seeking a buyer as soon as this month, and that Sony is […]

Epic Games once ported Gears 3 to PS3 to test Unreal Engine

Mysterious footage of Gears of War 3 running on a PlayStation 3 appeared on YouTube on Tuesday, May 19 m. The video was uploaded by YouTube user Proto, who claims in the video’s description that it comes from a build that was actually made by Epic Games itself. Gears of War 3 was an Xbox […]

Gears Tactics Review: Bulldoze Your Way Through Turn-Based Strategy

Gears Tactics is an ambitious spinoff that doesn’t necessarily innovate, but it does succeed in taking the turn-based strategy genre head-on. The game’s presentation is quality, reflecting classic, core Gears elements. Although the gameplay flattens out by forcing repetitive mission types – extensive customization, immersive storytelling, and overall polish earns Splash Damage and The Coalition […]

Gears Tactics Review Round-up

You might be surprised to learn this, but Gears Tactics launches tomorrow on PC. Coming to both Steam and the Microsoft Store, there’s been an odd lack of hype going into the game’s release. Is it because Gears Tactics is a bit of a dud? Quite the contrary, in fact. According to the numerous reviews […]