New agent Astra revealed for Valorant alongside battle pass skins

The stars aligned for a new Valorant trailer featuring the latest agent, Astra, who is coming in the second Act of Episode 2. Astra is the fourth controller in the Valorant universe, with her cosmic smoke and concussing abilities. Her abilities center around her Astral Form which players can switch to by pressing X on […]

Sony Offers New Look At Solar Ash For PS5

Solar Ash is a game about movement through a dangerous world filled to the brim with exploration opportunities. Players will be tasked with trying to save the planet and during the most recent State of Play, Sony showed off more about the game, including enemy encounters, traversal movements, and so much more.  From massive sentinels with […]

Bravely Default II – New Gameplay Today

Whether it’s Monster Hunter Rise, Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, or the quickly approaching Bravely Default II, the Nintendo Switch is becoming quite the RPG machine. Speaking of that last one, Square Enix’s latest entry in the series is poised to entertain players in the mood for an old-school JRPG experience. For those counting the moments until Nintendo’s […]

Mobile Game PUBG: New State Coming To Android And iOS Later This Year

A new mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game for iOS and Android called PUBG: New State is on the way. On Thursday, PUBG Studios announced the new battle royale title, which flashes forward to 2051, with a short trailer that features gun fights, car chases and loads of new technology. PUBG: New State picks up years after the current PUBG […]

A New Poster For Pixar’s Luca Teases A Summer Getaway

Disney and Pixar’s Luca is arriving this summer, so it makes sense that both studios are promoting the film with a new poster. The titular character in this promotional artwork is lying on the beach in his true monstrous form. It goes well with the concept of the film, which has Luca explore a human […]

RuneScape Begins New Chapter Of Elder God Wars With Azzanadra’s Quest

Azzanadra’s Quest is now playable in RuneScape, kicking off a new chapter of the Elder God Wars storyline. To get started with the new content, head to Burthorpe Castle and speak with Azzanadra in the Council Chamber. The entire Elder God Wars chapter will be told throughout 2021, as Jagex slowly rolls out new quests […]

Amazon’s MMO New World delayed again

New World, Amazon Game Studios’ action-MMO, has been delayed again and will now launch in full on Aug. 31, the company announced this week. The news comes about six months after a preview event involving thousands of players, and lots of feedback and data for developers to gather. The upshot of that data is that […]