Call Of Duty: Warzone twice as popular as Apex Legends on day one

The new Call Of Duty battle royale has pulled in six million players in just 24 hours, smashing the record set by Apex Legends.

When Apex Legends launched early last year it made headlines with 10 million players in just 72 hours, but it looks like Call Of Duty: Warzone is going to easily beat that.

Warzone launched on Tuesday, 10 March although at different times depending on whether you already owned Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare or were just playing the free version.

By comparison, Apex Legends managed just 2.5 million in its first 24 hours, although its popularity shot up later on as, unlike Call Of Duty, it couldn’t rely on name recognition at the start.

But then there are rumours that there might not be a brand new Call Of Duty this Christmas, only Warzone and a remaster of the original Modern Warfare 2 from 2009.

Of course, the one game all battle royales are trying to beat is Fortnite, but Warzone is nowhere close to that yet. Fortnite: Battle Royale has around 250 million players at the moment, and with everyone stuck inside self-isolating that’s not likely to go down anytime soon.

The big question surrounding Warzone is how long it will last before being replaced with a new game. It’s already superseded 2018’s Blackout, so if Warzone is replaced with something else in a couple of years’ time it’ll never be able to get close to Fortnite.

Although publisher Activision won’t really care about that as long as each individual game is successful.

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