3D Hosting Service Sketchfab Joins Epic Games

3D hosting service Sketchfab is now part of Epic Games. The acquisition gives Epic Games, makers of the Unreal Engine, a popular 3D asset hosting service and a major piece of the puzzle for an “interconnected Metaverse”, as the companies put it in a joint announcement. “We built Sketchfab with a mission to empower a […]

In My Shadow Combines 3D Puzzles And 2D Platforming

Independent developer Playbae Games has announced that its upcoming puzzle-platformer In My Shadow will launch on Steam later this month. The game took home awards from the Indie Game Developer Conference, Indie Prize Asia, and other institutions in 2019. Based on the announcement trailer, In My Shadow appears to be a hybrid of a 3D […]

Super Mario 3D World on Switch will add online play, photo mode

When Super Mario 3D World makes the leap from Wii U to Nintendo Switch in February, it will add more than just the Bowser’s Fury bonus adventure. The Switch port of Super Mario 3D World will also feature some welcome new additions, including online cooperative play, a photo mode, and faster movement for Mario, Luigi, […]

Here’s a fan-made 3D version of Among Us

Among Us has been in the social media spotlight for weeks now, despite being a simple 2D game with cute lil’ space bean graphics. But what if, instead, the crewmates (and deadly impostors) were running around a 3D version of the map? A VR developer named Jar has posted a video of this very thing. […]

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Sold Better At Launch Than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ limited availability seems to be paying off for Nintendo, as M Science is reporting that the game is having a better launch than nearly all other Switch titles. The data only captures the first four days post-launch, but 3D All-Stars is outpacing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by 70% and last year’s […]

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Has A Day One Update, Here's What It Does

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has officially launched on Nintendo Switch, and there’s a day one update waiting for players who pick it up. The collection’s 1.0.1 patch is now live, but it’s fairly minor, primarily making a small handful of fixes and improvements. According to the patch notes from Nintendo’s support website, 3D All-Stars’ 1.0.1 […]

3D All-Stars: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Super Mario Sunshine

The Switch has proven itself to be one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles. The Switch has done a good job at featuring games that reflect both Nintendo’s past and their future. The 35th anniversary of the company’s most beloved mascot, Mario, has led to the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection that features […]