After 61 Deaths And 45 Hours, Someone Finished The Last Of Us 2 On Permadeath Mode

Hardcore gamers are always looking for new ways to challenge their skills in-game. The Last of Us 2’s update in August introduced the unforgiving Grounded mode and the Permadeath mode that one gamer has now managed to complete. YouTuber DomTheBomb is the crowned gamer who beat Naughty Dog’s brutal, post-apocalyptic sequel, by surviving on one […]

ProteanTecs raises $45 million to apply AI to chip design and performance monitoring

ProteanTecs, which provides an AI platform to monitor chip reliability, today closed a $45 million funding round. The company says the fresh capital will bolster its go-to-market strategy and operations as it seeks to scale worldwide. Chip design and manufacturing is a high-risk, high-reward pursuit. Mistakes made during the earliest phases are often enormously costly […]