Persona 5 Strikers: Every Way You Can Heal

Persona 5 Strikers has mixed up the series normal format and has removed the turn-based battle fans know and love, instead opting for a more action-RPG style. This allows you and your companions to all be in the thick of it and battling it out at the same time.

Of course, this also means that you need to be more on top of helping out your party and keeping their HP looking healthy, so you don’t end up with a party wipe. Fortunately, there are a few ways to heal up, and we’ve got them all listed here.

Persona Skills

Your main form of healing is likely going to come from Personas. Joker can have multiple Personas at any one time and can freely change between them at any time, so having at least one Persona that is good for healing is a must.

Additionally, you should have at least one other dedicated healer in your party at any given time, that way you’re not stuck constantly healing and can switch between your Personas to make the most of the enemy’s weaknesses. Party members who are set up to heal particularly well are Sophie and Mona, though Makoto, Haru, and Panther will all learn some restorative spells too.


Oracle isn’t like other teammates as she isn’t an active party member as such, but she will help out from time to time. One of the skills that Oracle will learn is Moral Support, which means she will sometimes provide support during battle. This skill is later improved with the likes of Moral Boost.

This can be super handy, especially when you’re in a pinch, but regrettably, you have no control over when Oracle decides to help out, or even what she will cast as she can also give buffs instead of healing.


When you are exploring a Jail but are not engaged in battle, you can heal your entire party by using the Auto-Recover option shown on the bottom of the screen. Doing this automatically uses the healing spells of your party members to heal everyone, but this does still use your SP, so sometimes utilizing other healing options is the best bet in order to conserve SP.

Recovery Items

Another option to heal up, especially if you’re run out of SP and are unable to use your Personas, is to use recovery items. You can use these at any time during a battle and can buy items from a variety of places. Whenever you visit a local town, you can buy items from the various shops and restaurants.

Additionally, a lot of dishes that you can cook yourself are great HP restoration items. A new feature added to Strikers is Sophia’s online store, which you can access from the Hideout menu. Sophie has lots of great items on offer and you can unlock a wider range of items by fulfilling certain requests. Furthermore, Sophia’s store regularly puts items on sale so you can snap up a bargain. The Metaverse Medic Bond Skill increases the effects of healing items, so it’s worth leveling this up if you find yourself relying on healing items.

Bond Skills

Bond Skills are new to Persona 5 Strikers and you will unlock more as you continue through the game. You can purchase and upgrade skills by using Bond points, which are earned as you increase your Bond Level. Some Bond Skill upgrades can only be unlocked once you have fulfilled certain requests.

Plenty of Bond Skills offer different ways to heal your party, and this is a great way of healing without wasting items or SP.  For example, Oracle Recovery restores some HP and SP to all party members at the end of a battle. Additionally, the Ambusher Bond Skill restores HP to all party members after a successful ambush attack. Leveling these particular skills up will increase the amount of HP recovered each time too.

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