Every Weapon In NieR Replicant Ranked

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is known for its rich story, a phenomenal cast of characters, and its superb world-building. However, what rarely gets dragged into the spotlight are the weapons in the game. With the added Weapon Stories and updated combat system in ver.1.22, NieR is drawing much-needed attention to its weapons. NieR Replicant has thirty-four […]

"Virtually Every Activision Studio" Now Works On Call Of Duty, Says Source

There’s been an avalanche of stories about Activision Blizzard this week, both confirmed and rumored. Many reacted with disappointment as it was revealed that Toys for Bob—the studio involved in the critically acclaimed revival of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon—is now exclusively working on Call of Duty: Warzone. However, it looks like the team […]

New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Outaway Cave

Outaway Cave is a location on New Pokemon Snap’s Durice island and the penultimate area you unlock as part of the game’s main story. At this point in the game, you should be well aware of what constitutes a decent photo, as well as how to use New Pokemon Snap’s mechanics to trigger unique Pokemon […]

New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Fireflow Volcano

Fireflow Volcano is a location in New Pokemon Snap that you unlock shortly after completing various tasks across the Maricopia Islands and Sweltering Sands. As you might guess based on the name, it’s filled to the brim with Water Pokemon. I’m joking, it’s obviously got loads of Fairy types. Okay fine, it’s Fire! Sorry about […]

New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Night)

Unlike the locations before it, you don’t unlock Blushing Beach (Night) right after leveling up Blushing Beach (Day). Instead, you get permission to explore the beach at night time shortly after completing the Durice section of the story, although I feel like I should stress it’s worth the wait – you might even get to […]

New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Night)

If you’re here because you’ve unlocked Maricopia Reef (Night) already, you’ve come to the right place. However, if you’re instead here because you’re wondering why this location hasn’t unlocked yet despite the fact you’ve leveled the day variant up to max, allow me to redirect you to Fireflow Volcano, Elsewhere Forest, Durice, or another late […]

Mario Party: Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

When it comes to playing with the family or some friends, few games can deliver as much fun as Mario Party. The famous hero wearing a red hat, along with his pals and enemies, have starred in over ten Mario Party installments. This shows that players are still enjoying the games. All the way back […]

Warzone: Every New Location On Verdansk ’84

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 3 brings a highly-anticipated Verdansk rework, which is the biggest change the map has seen since it launched in the Spring of 2020. Verdansk ’84 has now arrived in Warzone, and there are plenty of new locations to discover. This guide will cover each of the major […]

Ranking Every Mortal Kombat Game From Worst To Best

Mortal Kombat is a landmark franchise for the video game industry. Not only did it push the boundaries of what is acceptable in interactive media in the ’90s, but the series has continued innovating and evolving the fighting-game genre with high-quality cinematic story modes, new approaches to post-launch support, and a continued desire to push the […]

Outriders: Every Main, Side, And Collector Quest

Outriders can feel like a long game. Every time you think you’re coming up to the big finale before the end game, you’ve got another huge area to explore and a laundry list of objectives to complete. It can feel overwhelming when you’re in the midst of it, but there is an end before the […]