Every Weapon Trait In Returnal

Weapon Traits in Returnal can make the difference between life and death, or whether or not you want to keep the weapon or swap it out for something else the moment one presents itself.

With Weapon Traits, players can have a chance to gain health back with each successful shot, send out a devastating wave projectile in addition to the regular shots, and many other enticing possibilities. Traits are random with each new weapon you stumble upon. However, with Weapon Traits it can often be hard to understand what they do, especially considering they aren’t overly explanatory with them. These Traits are essential to a good run, and knowing what each one does will help you conquer the challenging world of Returnal.

10 Modified Sidearm SD-M8

The Modified Sidearm SD-M8 is the starting weapon of the game and each new run of Returnal. With the right traits, this Sidearm can prove to be deadly in the right hands.

  • Burst Fire – While sacrificing recoil, the weapon will launch more projectiles with one burst per shot.
  • Charging Shot – Delivers a powerful shot but requires charging first.
  • Hit Reload – The weapon has a chance of instantly reloading when landing successful shots on targets.
  • Homing Missile – Replaces the standard projectiles with homing missiles that track down targets.
  • Piercing – Rounds that pierce through targets and can hit others afterward.
  • Ricochet – Richocheting rounds that will bounce off surfaces and target enemies.
  • Serrated Projectiles – Rounds that deal more damage over time.
  • Shrapnel – Rounds that have a chance of exploding into shards on impact.
  • Snubnose Barrel – Sacrifices accuracy and range for more significant damage.

9 Spitmaw Blaster

The Spitmaw Blaster is the only shotgun in Returnal and is an excellent weapon in close-range engagements. While particularly strong in the early sections of Returnal, the Spitmaw Blaster can shine with the right traits.

  • Backsplash – If every pellet successfully hits the target, there’s a high chance it will replenish ammunition.
  • Critical Stagger – Shots have a chance to deal more significant damage to staggered enemies.
  • Explosive Spit – Shots that will detonate on impact or after it reaches a certain distance.
  • Narrow Maw – Makes the spread on the Spitmaw Blaster tighter.
  • Piercing Spit – Shots punch through enemies and will explode shortly after.
  • Rapid Spitter – Turns the Spitmaw Blaster into a fully automatic weapon.
  • Slug Shot – An additional Slug Round shot that is incredibly fast and powerful.
  • Wide Maw – Makes the spread on the Spitmaw Blaster much wider but deals more damage.

8 Hollowseeker

The Hollowseeker is the fastest firing weapon in Returnal but can lack damage in the later portions of the game. However, with the right traits, it can turn the tide of many encounters.

  • Oscillator – Rounds fired will be in an oscillating pattern and will deal additional damage.
  • Phasing Rounds – Rounds shot can go through surfaces.
  • Portal Beam – Rounds fired will create a portal that targets enemies nearby.
  • Portal Turret – Rounds create a portal that launches projectiles at nearby targets.
  • Retarget – After a projectile hits its first target, it will seek other enemies in the area.
  • Serrated Projectiles – Rounds that deal more damage over time.
  • Shrapnel – Rounds that have a chance of exploding into shards on impact.
  • Split Stream – Launches a stream of homing shards in addition to the primary projectiles.
  • Waves – Launches devastating waves in addition to the primary projectiles.

7 Tachyomatic Carbine

The Tachyomatic Carbine is an incredibly balanced weapon that doesn’t do one thing particularly better than another weapon. However, it can outshine many other weapons due to its insanely great traits.

  • Accelerated – Upon each kill, the player will have decreased cooldown for their Dash and an increased fire rate.
  • Armor Piercing – Shots will punch through enemies and proceed to ricochet off surfaces afterward.
  • Critical Hit – Shots have a chance to deal additional damage.
  • Hardened – Increased Protection.
  • High Caliber – Sacrifices fire rate for more significant damage.
  • Leech Rounds – Shots have a chance to heal you.
  • Payload Rounds – Enemies killed will drop a cluster of mini bombs upon their death.
  • Rising Pitch – The longer the player holds the trigger, the weapon’s rate of fire increases.

6 Electropylon Driver

The Electropylon Driver is one of Returnal’s best weapons and can catch and slow enemies with its devastating beams. Even without great traits, the weapon is deadly, and when paired with its best attributes, there’s no stopping it!

  • Blade Harmonizer – When equipped, the player’s melee damage gets increased.
  • Blade Pulse – Pylons produce a pulse that damages enemies with successful melee hits.
  • Enlarged Chamber – Increases the weapon’s overheat limit.
  • Finisher – When targets have low health, tether damage gets significantly increased.
  • Protective Pylons – When the player is near pylons, their Protection gets increased.
  • Pylon Web – Launches every pylon at once in a web pattern.
  • Silphium Extractor – Killed targets have a better chance at dropping Silphium.
  • Streamlined Chamber – Increases the weapon’s rate of fire.

5 Coilspine Shredder

The Coilshine Shredder is a rare find but packs a deadly punch with a slow fire rate. When paired with any of its traits, the Coilspine Shredder makes it a must grab if you ever stumble upon it.

  • Adrenaline Discs – With every successful hit, the player has a chance at receiving additional Adrenaline.
  • Enlarged Chamber – Increases the weapon’s overheat limit.
  • Retarget – After a projectile hits its first target, it will seek other enemies in the area.
  • Twin Discs – A smaller projectile gets launched alongside the primary one.

4 Rotgland Lobber

The Rotgland Lobber has the slowest rate of fire in Returnal, but if players master the Overload mechanic, it can be deadly. Additionally, if players can get used to the weapon’s slow fire rate, the Rotgland Lobber’s traits are excellent and can change the tide of battle.

  • Bouncing Rot – Before the projectile explodes, it bounces.
  • Caustic Rot – Hitting targets directly will cause additional damage over some time.
  • Durable Rot – The rot’s duration gets increased.
  • Enlarged Chamber – Increases the weapon’s overheat limit.
  • Explosive Shot – The projectiles will explode on impact.
  • Protective Rot – Extra Protection is granted whenever standing inside the rot.
  • Portal Rot – A portal that fires projectiles gets created whenever a target gets killed by the rot.
  • Tendril Rot – Rot Puddles will have Tendrils that reach out and deal damage to enemies.
  • Trailing Rot – A trail of rot will get left on the ground with each shot.

3 Dreadbound

The Dreadbound is a crossbow-like weapon in Returnal that deals mass amounts of damage but suffers from a sluggish reload time. However, its traits can make up for that significantly.

  • Fourth Shard – At higher levels, the weapon will gain additional projectiles and deal more damage.
  • Obolite Magnet – Obolites will get collected at a greater range.
  • Staggering – Staggering Power gets increased.

2 Thermogenic Launcher

The Thermogenic Launcher is a devastating weapon that can deal excessive damage to multiple enemies at once. Even on its own, it is a dangerous weapon, but when paired with the right traits, it is the end all be all.

  • Critical Rockets – Rockets have a chance of exploded twice.
  • Easy To Use – Extra Proficiency is granted with each kill.
  • Enlarged Chamber – Increases the weapon’s overheat limit.
  • Full Auto – The weapon becomes fully automatic.
  • Mega Rocket – Fires a much slower rocket than the normal one but deals significant damage.
  • Obolite Magnet – Obolites will get collected at a greater range.
  • Replicating Hits – With each successful hit, an extra homing rocket will get fired.
  • Tail Fire – At the end of each salvo, a more powerful projectile will get fired.
  • Thermite Rockets – Additional damage will get dealt over time on targets.

1 Pyroshell Caster

The Pyroshell Caster is a rare weapon in Returnal and can be hard to come by, but it is well worth the pickup if you happen to stumble upon it. Much like the Thermogenic Launcher, the Pyroshell Caster is a devastating launcher that deals excessive damage to multiple enemies.

  • Bouncy Projectiles – Before the projectile explodes, it bounces.
  • Streamlined Chamber – Increases the weapon’s rate of fire.

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