Things To Bear In Mind While Adding Images In Emails

Images have become one of the most common elements in emails, and they play an important role in engagement, conversions, and deliverability. Thus, marketers are very careful while choosing images as they are also one of the most difficult elements to work with. Many email clients turn off images by default, which can cause a […]

Fight For Your Identity In Cyberpunk Action Shooter Foreclosed

The 38th Golden Joystick Awards (2020) happened recently, showcasing a plethora of quality video games, video gamers, and video game culture across a variety of categories. One of those video games that caught many people’s attention is Foreclosed, a cyberpunk graphic novel slash action shooted on the way from indie dev Antab Studio and publisher […]

How To Get Laid In Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve known for a while now that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to have sex in it. In fact, sex is everywhere in Night City, from sex workers over on Jig Jig Street (the colorful name given to Cyberpunk’s red-light district) to massive billboards featuring barely-clothed men and women. A new video from GameSpot details how […]

A Hilarious Glitch In Spider-Man: Miles Morales Lets You Play As A Trash Can

When gamers call themselves trash, they’re not usually being this literal. With a new glitch found in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players are cracking themselves up by playing as dumpsters, blank white cubes, piles of snow, and, yes, trash cans. Spider-Man: Miles Morales released on November 12, 2020, as a spin-off of Sony’s wildly popular Spider-Man […]

In Today’s ‘Don’t Vape Into Your Xbox’ News, Sony Says You Can’t Marry A PS5

Yesterday, news of people hiding marriage proposals in recently purchased PS5s started making headlines, including around these parts. It’s not exactly the same as going down on one knee while visiting the Grand Canyon or anything, but since we’re all in lockdown, there’s not a whole lot of traveling going on these days. Swapping your […]

All Dark Ops Challenges in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Treyarch has seemingly given the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War community what they want when it comes to grinding. In the past, players have complained about there not being enough to work towards in Call of Duty games. The challenges were subpar, the camos weren’t worth going for, and so on. However, Treyarch […]

How To Build Half-Life 2 In Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons

One of the great travesties in the gaming world is that there is still no tabletop roleplaying version of the Half-Life universe. However, thanks to the versatility of many of the TTRPGs that do exist, there’s a good chance you can take your favorite tabletop roleplaying system and adapt non-tabletop games to fit into it. […]

Review In Progress – Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Beyond Light has been available for just under a week as of this writing, and we’re on the eve of some important content drops. With so many changes having arrived in the game, Bungie chose to give the launch content of the expansion several days to breathe before dropping the main loop of seasonal engagement […]

The Best Skills In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla And How To Find Them

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is out today, and as I mentioned in my review, it is a fascinating evolution for the series. One of my favorite changes is the game’s approach to skill selection, which gives players a vast array of options to gradually work toward, navigating a series of node clusters to unlock new powers. […]

Riot Games Invests in Amatuer Talent With SoFi Partnership

Riot Games has secured a new partnership with personal finance company SoFi that will focus on the development of amateur League of Legends talent. As part of the deal, SoFi will provide a $250 USD primary investment account to all players participating in the Honda Scouting Grounds – a combine-style event where aspiring North American […]