Modder releases Super Mario 64 ‘demake’ of Super Mario Odyssey

Prolific Super Mario 64 modder Kaze Emanuar released a new project this weekend, a “demake” of Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey, lovingly recreated in Nintendo 64 style. Super Mario Odyssey 64 is another impressive mod from the creator. The project incorporates Cappy as part of Mario’s powers, letting him assume direct control of Goombas, […]

Star Fox 64 And Team Fortress 2 Voice Actor Rick May Has Died

Rick May, an actor with a small but illustrious list of video game critics, has died. According to an obituary posted by Rekindle School, where he worked as a teacher until recently, May suffered a stroke in February, and contracted COVID-19 while staying in a nursing home for rehabilitation. He was 79 years old. May […]

Doom 64 Switch Review: Total Absolution

Doom 64 is a rather unique entry in the Doom franchise. Released back when 3D graphics were starting to become big, many gamers overlooked it for being “dated” and “last-generation.” That’s a grave injustice for how solid the actual campaign is. Who can say no to more Doom? Well, now nobody has to say no. […]

Doom 64 – Where To Find All Of The Demon Artifacts

A first in the Doom series, the ultimate weapon in Doom 64 isn’t actually the BFG 900, but a new gun called the Unmaker. Originally planned for the first Doom in 1993, the gun was added as an Easter Egg/bonus by Midway for Doom’s N64 debut. While you can acquire it during regular gameplay, you’ll […]

Doom 64 is the best Doom game you (probably) haven’t played

Doom 64 is a bizarre piece of gaming history, one that will finally be accessible to everyone. It has taken long enough; this is a game more fans of the series need to play. But let’s get some context out of the way before we dig into why, and get rid of one major misconception […]

Doom 64 Nintendo Switch review – shotgun blast from the past

The one Doom game everyone always forgets has finally been remastered for modern consoles and it offers a hell of a good time. By the time Doom 64 was released in 1997 it was not only four years after the original Doom on PC but GoldenEye 007 had already revolutionised the concept of first person […]