One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Adding Charlotte Cracker This Summer

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, the Musou game based on the One Piece anime and manga, will add a brand-new character on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As part of the game’s first DLC pack, Charlotte Cracker–the 10th son and 15th child of the Charlotte Family–will join the roster this summer. Charlotte […]

Where To Get A Nintendo Switch Lite: In Stock At Amazon, Best Buy, Target, And More

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, there is now a worldwide Nintendo Switch shortage. Nintendo’s newest console has become hard to come by. Retailers are struggling to keep up with increased demand for the console as millions of people around the world continue to stay at home, looking for something to do. The […]

League Of Legends Introduces A New Way To Show Advertising In Esports Games

In a new update for League of Legends esports, Riot has added the equivalent of stadium signage to Summoner’s Rift. A feature called SR Arena Banners will allow LoL esports leagues to customize how their viewers see the Rift, with the potential to display major sponsors and league details. The new feature will roll out […]

Crucible Review – A Slow Struggle

Hero shooters are all the rage these days, so games in the middle or bottom of the field struggle to compete against the lead dogs. Crucible is one of those games, where its mediocrity only earns dismissal. Crucible is like a bland and forgettable meal – inoffensive going down, but quickly passed over for something […]

How To Get A Valorant Beta Key Before Beta Ends [Update]

Update: Its closed beta may be over, but that also means Valorant’s official launch is on the way. If you weren’t able to get into the beta during its pre-release stage, don’t worry–Valorant’s release date is right around the corner and, as it was during its early access period, Valorant will remain free to play. […]

Pokemon Fans Can Now Buy A Lapras Pool Float Online

Countless sites offer Pokemon merchandise these days, but the absolute best Pokemon products tend to be found at, the official online store for all things Pokemon. Pokemon Center has given us gems like the Wrinkled-Face Detective Pikachu Plush and the Ditto As Electrode Plush, but the latest Pokemon product to fuel our obsession is […]

A New Star Wars VR Game Is Expanding The Lore of Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge is a new VR game that expands the story around Black Spire Outpost, the location of the Galaxy’s Edge section of Disneyland and DisneyWorld. Oculus Studios and Industrial Light and Magic are co-developing the project that will have “multiple styles of gameplay and difficult settings.” It’s set launch […]

Fans think Sega is making a new console for its 60th anniversary

Hints of a major announcement from Sega next week have got some people convinced that the Dreamcast 2 is real. For a few years after Sega went third party every E3 was filled with rumours about the Dreamcast 2 and Sega’s dramatic re-entry into the hardware business. After a while though, people realised that was […]

Minecraft Studio Gets A New Name To Reflect Expansion

Minecraft developer Mojang is moving into the new decade with a new name–or at least a very slightly revised one. The company has been opening more offices around the world as it expands its focus beyond the popular freeform creation game. As a result, it has changed its name from Mojang to Mojang Studios, with […]