Chasing nDreams: A Veteran's Journey Along VR's Rocky Path

nDreams is a bigger deal than you realized. I mean that quite literally; today, the studio’s headcount sits around 100 people occupying two floors of an office in the London-neighboring town of Farnborough. The team’s developed and published something like nine VR apps to date with its next, PSVR exclusive Fracked, arriving this month. It […]

Ariana Grande will have a virtual concert in Fortnite

Ariana Grande is the next performer to get a massive Fortnite in-game concert. The popstar will be featured in-game as part of the Rift Tour event in August, Epic Games announced on Sunday with a short teaser video on Twitter. The Rift Tour event will be a massive in-game musical spectacular and will add several […]

The Forgotten City Review – A Narrative Masterpiece

A Roman city resides within a large mountain, hidden from light and prying eyes. Only 23 people call this secret society home, and they appear to live harmoniously together, but looks can be deceiving. Time has taken its toll on each soul, but they can never leave, and more pressing yet, cannot sin, for even […]

Winds & Leaves Review: A Peaceful Kind Of Progress

Winds & Leaves can be overly simple, but its solemn woodland walking hits the mark. More in our Winds & Leaves review. Note: At the time of publication, Winds & Leaves has some serious bugs on PS5 that hamper gameplay and outright prevented us from seeing the final cutscene. As such, we’ve decided to keep […]

How Pinterest built a more representative shopping experience with AI

All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality can work hand in hand to support innovations that can change the shopping and advertising game. Pinterest combined artificial intelligence with augmented reality and incorporated diversity and inclusion in a way that helped the company’s bottom line, Jeremy […]

A chill crane game where you catch fish instead of toys

The Clawfish Arcade is accessible by train, a small boardwalk venue surrounded by dreamlike fog and lots of clear, blue water. It’s open only to me, the lone wanderer that’s free to skip stones off the dock, talk with the local seagull, or stuff coins into the arcade’s three crane games. Clawfish, from developer David […]

Among Us free for a week on Nintendo Switch

Among Us will be free on Nintendo Switch from July 21-27, Nintendo announced Monday. The game will be available as a trial through Nintendo’s Game Trial program for Nintendo Switch Online members. The breakout social deception game, which was released in 2018 but blew up in 2020, was released on Nintendo Switch in 2020, after […]

Build a data lakehouse to avoid a data swamp

Did you miss today’s livestream? Watch the AI at the Edge & IoT Summit on demand now. In my previous blog post, I ranted a little about database technologies and threw a few thoughts out there on what I think a better data system would be able to do. In this post, I am going […]

4 Things That Make Fracked A Different Kind Of VR Shooter

Fracked is built on top of a lot of VR shooters that have come before it. But, at the same time, it’s also quite unlike anything else we’ve seen. nDreams’ latest is a fleet-footed spectacle that has its own ideas about how to deliver super-fast action in VR. Here’s four things it’s doing differently to […]

A Township Tale – We're Not Ready To Review It Yet

A Township Tale already has something few other VR games can claim to enjoy – a fan-run wiki. No, really, I meant to type wiki. See, the mere fact that Alta’s part survival, part town-building universe needs an online encyclopedia tells you a lot of things. First, it suggests the game has genuine depth, and […]