A YouTuber Is Building Among Us In Survival Minecraft

It’s no secret that Among Us is “officially the most popular game ever.” It’s also one of the most copied games ever. Fortnite was one of the biggest names to get into the Among Us craze with its version of the game called “The Spy within,” but Minecraft isn’t far behind. While there are many […]

Genshin Impact: Where To Buy And Farm Mint

I am incredibly hungry right now, not aided by the fact that I can’t stop thinking about food in Genshin Impact. It all looks so delicious like I could pay an exorbitant sum for it at a real Asian restaurant. I haven’t felt this way about video game food since Final Fantasy 15, and I’ll […]

Celeste Classic Gets A Surprise Sequel That You Can Play Right Now

Acclaimed platformer Celeste turned three-years old this week, and to celebrate, creator Maddy Thorson surprised fans by announcing a sequel of sorts to the game. No, it’s not a direct follow-up to the game available on consoles and PC, but rather a sequel to classic Celeste, the original Pico-8 version of the game dubbed Celeste […]

Credence MedSystems Receives a Strategic Investment From One of the World’s Leading Pharmaceutical Companies

Novartis has invested in Credence, confirming its interest in employing Credence technology for its injectable medicines. The investment is geared towards supporting Credence’s ramp-up of manufacturing capacity for its innovative drug delivery systems and enabling commercial supply of Credence devices to the pharmaceutical market. MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 26, 2021– Credence MedSystems announced today that […]

6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Municipal Liability Lawyer

Getting seriously injured is always a traumatic experience. It can be even worse if it occurs due to someone else’s negligence. Going through this experience isn’t necessarily the only consequence. You may also have to undergo treatment and therapy, and it is likely that you will be prevented from working, and therefore, face financial challenges. […]

Researchers propose LEAF, a frontend for developing AI classification algorithms

In machine learning, mel-filterbanks — fixed, hand-engineered representations of sound — are often used to train algorithms that classify sound. Decades after the design of mel-filterbanks, research shows that they exhibit desirable mathematical properties for representation learning; in other words, they represent strong audio feature. But the design of mel-filterbanks is also flawed by biases, […]

What If Capcom Made A Godzilla Game Just Like Monster Hunter?

The Godzilla Vs Kong trailer only shows about four seconds of the upcoming monster movie, but I have to admit it’s got me hyped to see my favorite lizard boy back on the big screen. The Legendary movies haven’t really captured the true essence of Godzilla, but seeing those two giant monsters throw haymakers at each […]

So, What Exactly Is A Pokemon Master?

The entire point of the Pokemon franchise is to become a Pokemon Master. The problem is, we still don’t know what that means. The creators of Pokemon Red & Green had no idea that these games would form the foundation of the biggest media franchise of all time. This is why the original generation games are so […]

Why Darkest Dungeon Is A Harder Game Than Dark Souls

Yes, I said it. There has been a general consensus that Dark Souls is the (or one of the) most difficult modern video games. I am here to tell you that if you have not yet tried out Darkest Dungeon, you are missing out on an excruciating, rage-inducing experience that gives Dark Souls a serious […]