Nioh 2 Patch Fixes Mouse And Keyboard Issues On PC

The latest update for Nioh 2 on PC fixed several lingering mouse and keyboard issues, including a bug that prevented actions from being performed after rebinding certain keys. A few smaller adjustments were also made to various icons and UI elements. Nioh 2 released a patch back in March that fixed many of the keyboard and […]

The Husband And Wife Team Behind The MAS Stick For Fighting Games Have Died

The husband and wife team described as “legends of the fighting game community”, Thao Nguyen and Reynalda Lynn Nguyen, have passed away after suffering injuries in an accidental house fire. Thao Nguyen was best known for his creation, the MAS joystick, which made an authentic fighting game experience possible outside of the arcade, cementing a […]

I’m 400 Hours Deep And Still Haven’t Beaten The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3’s next-gen upgrade is right around the corner and I’m amping myself up for a playthrough where I actually beat the damn thing. I’m 400 hours deep, started it when I was in secondary school, and now – I’m wrapping up university and still haven’t quite finished it. I’ve poured hours in, went back and […]

Carly And The Reaperman Review – Great VR Co-Op

Carly and the Reaperman’s winning central mechanic is bolstered by great level design and versatile options, helping you overlook its scrappier side. More in our Carly and the Reaperman review! Even when it originally released in 2018, Carly and the Reaperman’s ideas weren’t especially new. We’ve seen a lot of takes on asymmetrical co-op in […]

User experience testing and monitoring startup UserZoom raises $100M

Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. UserZoom, a company developing software to measure digital experiences including apps and websites, today announced that it raised $100 million in a venture round led by Owl Rock. The proceeds, which the company says it plans to put toward expansion and […]

13 Things To Do Before and After a Pest Control Treatment

Are you planning to do a pest control treatment in your home or office? If yes, you need to take care of some things before getting this service. It is essential to know these things because pest control treatment might be harmful to human beings and animals. You don’t need to worry if you are […]

Lost Vikings 2 And RPM Racing Coming To Blizzard Arcade Collection

In a surprisingly pro-consumer move for the publisher, Activision Blizzard announced last night that both Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing would be getting added to the Blizzard Arcade Collection in the compilation’s latest patch. The extra games come alongside a host of new features and quality-of-life improvements that touch up these retro titles for […]

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Did Battlestar Dirty

Television shows kill off characters. It’s just a thing that happens. Sometimes characters get good deaths, sometimes they get bad deaths, but TV shows are well within their rights to kill people off. It raises the stakes, makes the characters feel less invincible and the world more real, and gives the story more weight. A […]

Games and transmedia — how we got here and where we’re going

Presented by Genvid When you create new worlds, particularly worlds which have their own rules and concepts, fans are going to have questions about every aspect of those worlds which they’re not already familiar with. How does a lightsaber work? What the hell is an Ewok, actually? Or, more recently, who is Boba Fett and […]