Young Xehanort And Pirate Sora Join Disney Tsum Tsum Worldwide

Kingdom Hearts is returning to the Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game as Pirate Sora and Young Xehanort have been added to the roster. According to KH13, they will be available until the end of the month, but there’s an increased drop rate if you use the game’s Lucky Time before January 20 11:59 PST. You […]

RichRelevance and Manthan Software combine to form Algonomy

RichRelevance and Manthan Software have completed a merger resulting in a new entity christened Algonomy. This merged company will apply machine learning algorithms within a customer data platform (CDP) to personalize online and in-store shopping experiences. Manthan Software previously provided a prescriptive analytics application infused with machine learning algorithms primarily used to determine in real […]

Moon Weapons And Armor Return To Relevance Next Season In Destiny 2

Loot has been a consistent complaint in Destiny 2 since the release of Beyond Light. Because sunsetting removed a large swath of Destiny 2’s usable weapons, there are now holes in a player’s arsenal that have yet to be filled available sources. On top of that, weapons and armor that still drops from dungeons in […]

Build And Discover: America Puts U.S. History In Your Hands

Build and Discover: America – an upcoming country building simulator – has been announced, allowing players to rebuild the United States from a newly discovered continent into an expansive, hopefully thriving country. Coming from Angry Bulls Studio, Build and Discover: America is compared to a wild west Tropico, or “Anno with cowboys”, featuring a mixture […]

GoldenEye 007 And Mario Crossover Is As Bizarre As It Sounds

GoldenEye 007 and Super Mario 64 were two of the best games the N64 had to offer, and it has taken 24 years for someone to combine the two. The N64 might not have been the best-performing console in Nintendo’s history in terms of sales, but it is one that has left a lasting legacy. […]

Dignitas and CLG players test positive for COVID-19 ahead of LCS Lock In tournament

The LCS lock In tournament starts in a few days, and many teams have rising COVID-19 concerns. Unfortunately, some Dignitas and Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) staff have tested positive for the virus. COVID-19 and the LCS The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge factor in esports throughout the past year, and it’s not making an […]