Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Savali Complete Walkthrough and Collectible Guide

After uniting with Rivet for the first time, Ratchet will continue on his way alone, heading out to Savali while Clank stays with Rivet. Savali is probably the most open planet in the whole game, mostly consisting of one huge open area and two smaller offshoots. If you just do the main quests. You’ll have to hit Savali twice across the story, and you still won’t have seen all of it. Here, we’ll take you through the all of the narrative, then sweep up all the collectibles that you’ll miss out that way at the end.

Meeting KT-7461

Despite not having Clank to hand, you won’t be alone for long. You’ll meet one of the Monks as soon as you arrive on Savali, and from here will be directed to a nearby temple, where you’ll meet KT-7461 – she’s this dimension’s answer to Clank, although she has a few differences, as you’ll soon find out. Curre She will help you to find the dimensional blueprints, but to do so, she’ll need you to free the three sets of trapped Monks. These are trapped at the Earth Piercer Temple, the Great Rock Temple, and the Crimson Forest. It doesn’t really matter which one you hit first, but we’re doing them in the order of which one is closest.

First up are the Earth Piercer Monks, who are surrounded by bots in the centre of the map. Use your heaviest weapons on the flying enemies, then use area weapons on the rest, as things can get very hectic very quickly. While there are no set waves, the biggest ship will attack at the start, then a second one will arrive when you’re around halfway through. Once they’ve all been defeated, activate the terminal to free the first set of Monks.

Next up is the Great Rock Monks, who are on the smaller island over the wooden bridge. Once you get there, you will be given the task Ascend the Mountain. To do this, you’ll need to zip along the mountain path, travelling through each gate. However, you’ll need to push a green button to activate the path after each gate, and there’s a slight time delay, so make sure you step on the button, slow down, and then race across the path. Don’t take too long though, as it will fall away. Once you get far enough through, wall running, swinging, and rail grinding will be introduced into the mix too. At the top of the Mountain, there are some ships to fight off with heavy weapons, before completing another Glitch Puzzle.

Savali Ascend The Mountain Glitch Puzzle

Just like on Corson V, Glitch needs to make her way through the internal workings of control panel taking out viruses. This time, there are two types – one that fires back at Glitch, and another in a shield. Go through the first path and shoot at the turret before it does too much damage, then clamber up the platform nearby to take out a shield, then shoot at the second one. Two down, six to go.

The next two are both shielded, and are just around the corner. The first one has the switch on the ceiling which you can crawl up, and the next one has the switch on the back wall. After taking these out, climb up the curved yellow wall to the right of the switch on the wall, and travel along the green floor to the next area with the final four.

Shoot the turret as you move through the tunnel, the head left and climb up to the ceiling to take out the one on the wall. Continue forward to the raised circle – travel around it to the switch and then take out the turret and the final one on the ceiling.

Free the Monks

With all this done, you can free these Monks, then move on to the final set – the Crimson Forest Monks. Make your way to the far side of the map and fight off the bots on the steps of the temple. Again, things get hectic, so an area weapon is your best bet. The path up to the temple is full of boxes that offer ammo. Save the heavy weapons, because about a quarter of the way through a Nefarious Juggernaut shows up. Watch for the red circles for bombs and the orange glowing chest for its beam – a Topiary Sprinkler is a great way to keep it in place while you do big damage.

After this has been defeated, KT-7461 will need to work the console, which means you will need to defend her. The Topiary Sprinkler is good here, as are other area weapons. Save your heavy ammo for the flying enemies as these can do the most damage in the shortest time. Once all three sets of monks have been freed, you can regroup back in the middle of the map.

Reach The Archives

Once you reunite with the monks, you’ll be sent after the Archives, which is the whole reason you’re here. However, once you arrive, you’ll find it heavily fortified by bots. For the most part, it’s exactly the same as the other bot fights on Savali, with one difference – once you get up to the end, you’ll need to fight off two large ships to open up the roof, then defeat Invasion Commanders on the roof itself. These are just Nefarious Juggernauts that attack in groups, so the usual tactics apply.

At this point, another wave will arrive, and in a cutscene, KT-7461 (now going by Kit) will transform into a huge battle robot and will fight them off. This is why Kit considers herself useless, unlovable, and resists any suggestion that she could be a good friend. She tells Ratchet more of her backstory here, and with this, your first trip to Savali is over. You will return later in the story, and can return at any time to find those collectibles.

Hunt For Lombax Lore

This is the only sidequest on Savali, and it involves you finding 12 different Lorbs scattered around the planet. Since there are quite a few hidden in difficult places, we’ve put together a specific guide on them here: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Lorbs Guide.

Collectibles on Savali

On Savali, there are a total of three Golden Boltsone Spybot, and six armour pieces. However, three of these armour pieces are tied to the Lorb collection, so don’t worry about them. One more is on a ship that roves around the planet, and the last two are in Pocket Dimensions. You’ll need to race after the ship in your hover boots then push L1 to reach it. We can’t tell you exactly where it’ll be as it constantly moves, but it follow a set path, and you can check the image below to see where we found it.

The second piece of armour is in Pocket Dimension 4-11-81, which is the most central of the Pocket Dimensions in the pic below. You just need to wall run and swing your way through the paths to reach it.

The final piece of armour is inside Pocket Dimension 43-63-08, which is just a little bit around from the cave where the second Golden Bolt is. Follow the edge of the island around to the north. It takes you through a succession of wall running paths where you’ll need to dodge and shoot exploding crates to get to the end.

The third Golden Bolt is not available until your second official visit, so we’ll cover that below.

As for the first Golden Bolt, that’s on a podium in the middle of the map. However, to reach it, you’ll have to head right to the north and find a succession of switches you can boost over. Hitting all of them will take you to a rift portal that leads to the top of this podium with the Golden Bolt.

The second Golden Bolt, much like two of the armour pieces, is inside a moving ship. However, it’s always docked in a cave in the south east corner of the main island, so head there and then give chase.

Savali’s Spybot is through a cave on the north side of the map. It’s near the first boost pad needed for that first Golden Bolt. Jump through it and swing across the crevice to the old boat, where the Spybot is waiting.

Savali – Second Visit

When you arrive back in Savali, you’ll have to fight your way through to the Archives. The battle is quite linear, and around halfway through some tougher Bone Goons will appear. These can pack a punch so keeping them busy with the Glove of Doom is a good bet. After this, you’ll be able to enter the Archives. Control will then switch to Rivet and Kit, who need to defeat a bunch of Nefarious Juggernaut’s on the Emperor’s ship. Once you get control of Ratchet and Clank again, you can battle your way across Savali while you activate the machinery. You can find the three switches for looking for the red lights in the sky. This grants access to the catacombs, which is guarded by the final Glitch Puzzle of the game.

Glitch Puzzle Savali

As the last Glitch Puzzle, this one is a but tricky. Make your way through the first area, shooting the smaller viruses. Make your way up to the ceiling and around to the first switch there to take out the first main virus. After this, continue forward to the next switch around the circle platform to take out the second.

Head around the corner and get the third one on the the ceiling, before travelling down the tube to the next level. As you go down, you’ll hit a switch that lets you take out another virus, while a second switch on the immediate left will deal with one more. At this point, there should be just three left. Travel across to the right and you’ll be greeted by a shielded virus – use the switch at the left to deactivate it. Travel down the small curved path and up to the ceiling to hit one switch, then hit the second switch nearby on the floor. Both of these are needed to deactivate the shield around the penultimate virus.

Keep following the path around to arrive at the Virus Nest – it turns out there’s actually five left, as this next has one huge virus and four smaller ones. Hit the switches around the outside and target the small outer viruses one by one, before attacking the big one in the middle with your rockets. This one will take a while to wear down, but you’ll get there in the end. Completing this will also grant you a Golden Bolt.

Undead Grunthor

In between the final two puzzles of the game, you need to fight off an undead Grunthor. Lucky you. Dodge the boulder that gets thrown, and use the something like the Cold Snap or Topiary Sprinkler to keep it in place while you use your heaviest weapons to wear it down.

Clank Puzzle Savali

Right after the final Glitch Puzzle of the game, you’ll also need to complete the final Clank Puzzle of the game. First off, break the boxes in the path of your possibilities, then jump on the platform, grab the yellow orb, and throw it at the switch to raise the platform up. Next, grab the blue orb and throw it at the column the possibilities are currently running into. This will lower it so they can run over it. However, the wind will now blow them off. Go grab the next blue orb and throw it into their path. They will now be heavy enough to run past the wind, but will now run off the end. However, they will activate a switch that will let you reach the higher rotating platform. Jump on it, grab the yellow orb, and toss it to the wire. Now we just need to rework the route of the possibilities. Standing on the switch as you grab the yellow orb will activate a platform near the start that changes their path, so just stay where you are and the possibilities will complete first stage from here.

Next up, go past the complex junction and grab the red orb. Place it on the switch just before the tube of rotating saws – this will reroute the possibilities to a switch that spins the platform a the end upwards. Go stand on that platform before they get there – this will lift you up to grab the the green orb there. Take this green orb back to the start and throw it on the switch to the left, while stepping on the blue platform to reroute the possibilities. This will speed them up so they destroy the barriers, letting you grab the blue orb.

Next, put the green orb on the very first switch, and the red orb in the switch to the right (directly opposite the where you got the blue one). Stand on the blue platform on the right, and the possibilities will break these barriers too. At this point, you have two red orbs, a green orb, and a blue orb. You can now solve the puzzle. Directly before the tube saws, place a green orb then a red orb to give your possibilities speed and height. At the raised area, you need to give the saw the blue orb to lower it, and place the second red orb in front of it so they can leap over. With this done, stand on the blue platform to the left to make sure the platform they are jumping to is raised.

For the final stage grab the yellow orb and throw it on the switch where the yellow wire is L shaped. Use this to travel across to the red orb. Throw this orb at the switch just before the L shaped wire so the possibilities can travel across to it. This will lower a podium on the left with a blue orb on it. Go and grab it. Standing on the platform where the blue orb was, remove both the red and yellow orbs. This will raise your platform, and let you step on the one next to it, which has a switch. Drop the yellow orb on it, and travel across to grab the green orb. With the green orb, drop down to the start and place the green and red orbs in the first two switches, which gives you and the possibilities the ability to reach up to the highest platform. Unfortunately, wind blows them off. For now, drop a yellow orb into the switch and travel across to reach the second red orb. You then need to grab the yellow orb from across the gulf, use it to travel back, then grab it again. Drop the blue orb in this raised switch to weigh the possibilities down, then the red orb onto the switch they drop onto, and finally the yellow orb at the end to send them across the wire.

With that, the puzzle is complete, and all that’s left is a cutscene before heading elsewhere.

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