Netflix’s First VR Game Eden Unearthed Raises More Questions Than it Answers

Streaming behemoth Netflix first got involved in virtual reality (VR) years ago with its own dedicated app for watching its shows. While that app is sorely in need of an update or two, it has come to light this week that Netflix has very quietly released a videogame over on Oculus Quest’s App Lab, Eden […]

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters to See Official Oculus Quest Store Launch This Week

Back in March, Home Net Games launched the popular Warplanes: WW1 Fighters for PC VR headsets as well as Oculus Quest via App Lab – making it one of the earliest. The studio has now announced that Warplanes: WW1 Fighters will be officially released on the Oculus Store at the end of July. Whilst App […]

App Lab’s Puzzling Places Heads to Oculus Quest Store Fall 2021’s Puzzling Places virtual reality (VR) jigsaw title is going from strength to strength in 2021. Having originally started as a SideQuest title in 2020 the videogame was one of the first to arrive for Oculus’ new App Lab a couple of months back. A PlayStation VR announcement followed in March and today the studio […]

The Unity Cube is the Worst Quest Game on App Lab—on Purpose

The Entire VR Industry in One Little Email The Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox.  The Unity Cube is an experiment from developer Tony “SkarredGhost” Vitillo to test the limits of what Oculus will allow into the App Lab program. Vitillo […]

Rhythm ‘n Bullets Latest Oculus Quest App Lab Release

Last week saw the release of App Lab, a new initiative by Facebook allowing virtual reality (VR) developers to get their projects onto Oculus Quest without sideloading or meeting Oculus Store’s stringent standards. While 12 were part of the initial announcement, DB Creations’ Rhythm ‘n Bullets has now become part of the roster. Rhythm ‘n […]

Oculus Unveils App Lab, Quest’s New Software Portal

After announcing how well developers are doing on Oculus Quest today, the company is now rolling out its long-awaited distribution feature so creators have an easier path onto the headset. Its called App Lab, part of Oculus’ v25 update for Oculus Quest being rolled out today. Previously, if a developer couldn’t get on the tightly […]