PlayStation Wants To Bring AAA Franchises To Mobile

Based on a recent job listing, it appears that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to adapt its major video game franchises for mobile platforms. The listing is for the position of ‘Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studios, SIE’ in San Mateo, and will require the successful candidate to develop a mobile product roadmap for a period […]

Hot Shots Golf creators bring PlayStation-style golf to Apple

The PlayStation 4’s Everybody’s Golf, from the late summer of 2017, consumed dozens of hours of my time. Whether winding down from a core game or sports sim, or just the workday itself, and I was looking for something to play, Everybody’s Golf always won long stretches of my attention without ever asking for a […]

Esports Boxing Club Will Bring Boxing Greatness Back To The PS5, Xbox Series X, And PC

Steel City Interactive is looking to reinvigorate the boxing game genre. Esports Boxing Club (ESBC) is the studio’s attempt at restoring the boxing fandom, and the team’s latest video highlights all of the game’s features in early alpha footage. Steel City’s upcoming Esports Boxing Club aims to recreate the hype that once belonged to EA’s Fight Night series, […]

Allied Esports and Xsens Bringing Live Animated Casters to Counter-Strike Event

Allied Esports, a global esports entertainment company, has plans of debuting a live motion capture technology for its casters at the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legend Series Broadcast. Allied will lean on Xsens, makers of inertial motion caption products,  “to bring live animated casters to a professional esports tournament production for the first time.” Essentially, Xsens’ […]

EA, It’s Time To Bring Back The Burnout Series

Need For Speed is an exhausted series. Over the past decade, it’s had blunder after blunder after blunder. Meanwhile, the Forza Horizon and The Crew series have taken EA’s concept and run with it, leaving NFS to the curb. It feels old and shriveled. However, EA has another series left in the garage. It’s been […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Brings SS4 Gogeta To The Roster

It isn’t really a Dragon Ball FighterZ update if there isn’t some sort of Goku involved, is it? We’ve already got Kefla, Ultra Instinct Goku, and Master Roshi as part of the game’s FighterZ Pass 3. The recently revealed Super Baby 2 from Dragon Ball GT will join the new additions on January 15. Bandai […]

Help Bring Justice To Clawville With The Release Of Chicken Police – Paint It Red

Indie video game developer The Wild Gentlemen buddied with publisher HandyGames to recently launch its first game, an “Orwellesque Buddycop Noir Adventure” game called Chicken Police. The monochromatic narrative-driven mystery game was released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch priced at $19.99, with the PC version currently available at the special promotion […]

Modders Bring Doom, Sonic, And More To Super Mario 64

Modders have done weird and wonderful things to some of our favorite games, but the Super Mario 64 mods below are next level. When a player feels like something is missing from a game, or feels like they have been waiting for an update or a fix, it can be incredibly frustrating. That’s why modders […]

No Bothans Died To Bring Us This Star Wars: Squadrons Ranks And Rewards Info

Electronic Arts recently published a pilot briefing on its website detailing the Star Wars: Squadrons Ranks, Rewards, and Progression systems the game will have when it comes out of hyperspace this October. The briefing covers Challenges, Operations, Ranks, Levels, Glory, Experience, and Reputation. In the announcement, EA states players’ experience will center around challenges, operations, […]