Warzone chat is not working for Call of Duty gamers on Xbox One, here’s why

Call of Duty gamers are flagging problems with Warzone Chat services not working while in groups.

The problems started earlier yesterday evening and continue to be a problem in the early hours of July 3.

So what’s the problem with Call of Duty services tonight and how long might it last?


From what has been shared online, most of tonight’s problems are connected to COD fans playing on Xbox One.

And if you are trying to connect with your friends tonight and can’t, it probably down to Xbox Live.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live services connected to Party and Chat features are not working properly.

The latest from the support team suggests that Microsoft engineers are looking into the issue.

The only problem is until that issue is fixed, you probably won’t be able to chat together on Xbox One.

The good news is that progress is being made, with the latest message from Microsoft explaining: “We are seeing indications that we are on the path to recovery with this feature, and we expect to be back up and running shortly.”

Until this issue is resolved, players will need to do their best using the Warzone Ping system.

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