Resident Evil 3: How To Beat Nemesis At The Clocktower

Just like in the original Resident Evil 3 for PlayStation, Capcom’s 2020 remake sees Jill Valentine squaring off against Nemesis more than once. While the Resident Evil 3 Remake has garnered criticism for how it uses Nemesis in comparison to the original (less so), Umbrella’s ubermensch is still a marvel to behold and lends RE3 its tensest moments – and boss fights. After completing the RPD as Carlos, control swaps back to Jill as she’s forced to fight Nemesis at the Clocktower.

It’s worth pointing out that the Clocktower was once a full area in Resident Evil 3, but now it’s been relegated to a boss arena. All the same, the intent behind the Clocktower remains the same: to get Jill injured in a fight against Nemesis and to put Carlos back in the lead. The Clocktower battle stands out as one of the hardest in Resident Evil 3, as Nemesis has mutated beyond his humanoid form into a grotesque killing machine.

Inventory Prep

Upon gaining control of Jill, exit the Subway Tunnels and you’ll end up in a Dilapidated Shelter where you can save and organize Jill’s inventory before the boss fight with Nemesis. There are also a few items in the room itself, including the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher if they weren’t picked up in Raccoon City & the Sewers respectively.

Grab the First Aid Kit and the four Mine Rounds before heading to the Item Box. The Clocktower battle is one of the hardest in the game, so make sure Jill has every healing item she can carry along with all of her ammo and weapons. You might feel inclined to put the Handgun away for extra space, but the battle can last for a while and those extra bullets can go a long way.

To The Clocktower Plaza

There will be a couple of zombies on the way to the Clocktower Plaza, but try not to waste your best ammo. Stick to Handgun headshots or Shotguns blasts at point blank range for easy, quick kills. As you cut through the Exit Tunnel, three zombies will lunge out at Jill from the surrounding cells. Similarly, there will be three more zombies lying in wait closer to actual exit.

Once all six zombies have been killed or avoided, climb up the ladder into the Promenade. Make sure to grab the Green and Red Herb out here to combine them into a full heal (you might need a few during the boss fight). Grab the 7 Handgun bullets as well and then head to the bridge. A brief cutscene will play out where Nemesis charged after Jill, knocking her right into the boss arena.

Raiding The Arena

Nemesis won’t attack Jill right away, so it’s wise to create some distance and loot the arena ASAP if you have the space. If not, you’ll be able to grab all of these items once Nemesis is taken down (though you might need to restock at some point). Jill can pick up the following items in the boss arena:

  • 40 Handgun Bullets
  • 30 Shotgun Shells
  • 10 Mine Rounds
  • 6 Flame Rounds
  • 2 Green Herbs
  • 1 Red Herb

All things considered, the Clocktower is a fairly generous area when it comes to items. If the worst case scenario occurred and Jill entered the boss arena with nothing, she’d be able to get one full heal, a partial heal, and just enough ammo to placate Nemesis with some intelligent gameplay on the player’s part.

Fighting Nemesis

Nemesis is considerably faster than he was on the rooftop and he’ll be coming in close to attack. While this makes for a more imposing fight, dodging his strikes isn’t particularly difficult. Try to get some Perfect Dodges in early and keep the Shotgun equipped for heavy damage. Once Nemesis has taken enough punishment, he’ll start jumping from building to building.

At this point, Jill will comment how she needs to stop Nemesis in his tracks. The easiest way to do so is to fire Mine Grenades on the buildings Nemesis keeps jumping from. He should land close enough where the blast radius will knock him down into the streets and expose his heart, giving Jill time to get some easy damage in. Repeat this process enough times and Nemesis will start getting more aggressive.

Finishing Nemesis Off

As Nemesis gets closer to death, he’ll begin closing in on Jill. It’s imperative you don’t whiff any Mine Rounds, since Nemesis will continue to jump from building to building as well (and if you don’t stop him, he’ll lunge right at Jill and do massive damage). It’ll be even harder to get Perfect Dodges in now, but don’t just be a sitting duck.

Make sure to use your best ammo (Flame Rounds, Shotgun Shells) when Nemesis is in sight. If you’re low on ammunition, shoot him with Handgun Bullets and save any Mine Rounds for his building frenzy. It’s advised you not stay too close to Nemesis, though, as he can lock Jill into some nasty combos. Make sure to always aim for Nemesis’ heart when it’s exposed and he’ll eventually go down – but not before infecting Jill.

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