You Can Visit D&D’s Yawning Portal In Real Life Next Spring (With Your Minis)

The Yawning Portal is the starting point for many Dungeons & Dragons adventures. That’s because it’s a tavern – the best place for player characters to meet – and because it has a huge pit in its center that descends into ancient ruins. That pit allowed the Yawning Portal to serve as the recurring location for […]

You Can Now Watch Yu-Gi-Oh! And Sonic X For Free On Xbox Series XS

It finally happened: you finally got the Xbox Series X. The world’s most powerful console is pretty light on games, though, so you might want to look into some other forms of entertainment. Some streaming apps are already available on the new console and its smaller counterpart, the Xbox Series S. But why binge the […]

Can you build a PS5 or Xbox Series X PC for $800?

Ray tracing. Zen 2. Variable refresh rate. 4K/60fps gaming. RDNA 2. 120Hz refresh rate. The tech specs for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5, which hit shelves this Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, contain a familiar list of elements for PC gamers. In fact, outside of RDNA 2, they’re all old news at […]

10 Video Games Players Can Easily Put 100 Hours Into

With so many amazing games already available, and many more coming out regularly, it’s getting difficult to choose what to play. Some players prefer short games that they can finish quickly, others like to take their time and take on the longest games out there. And then there are those who switch between the two […]

Gamers.Vote: How gamers can help keep democracy alive – Esports Insider

Gamers.Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation devoted to providing support and resources to gamers — a massive segment of potential voters in the U.S. In a world where information (and misinformation) comes at citizens from every direction, Gamers.Vote CEO Christie St. Martin is determined to arm gamers with the knowledge they need to make up their […]

IBM and Pfizer claim AI can predict Alzheimer’s onset with 71% accuracy

Pfizer and IBM researchers claim to have developed a machine learning technique that can predict Alzheimer’s disease years before symptoms develop. By analyzing small samples of language data obtained from clinical verbal tests, the team says their approach achieved 71% accuracy when tested against a group of cognitively healthy people. Alzheimer’s disease begins with vague, […]

Can You File a Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer – 2020 Guide

If you’re struggling to pay off your debt, you’re probably considering filing for bankruptcy. Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages to this process, and you might want to consider some other alternatives beforehand. Still, if you’re too overwhelmed with debt, it might be the best way to get your life back on track. […]

PS5 can read PS4 discs, backwards compatibility works for all but 10 games

Sony has finally explained how the PS5’s backwards compatibility works and how you can upgrade select PS4 games to next gen. Though it was confirmed quite early on, exact details about the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility have been rather vague. Today, though, Sony has laid out how both it and upgrading PlayStation 4 games to […]

The Best SSDs You Can Get (2020): Great SATA, M.2., And NVMe Drives

One of the best parts about building a gaming PC is having access to cutting-edge consumer tech. SSDs, for example, deliver the fastest speeds, and in addition to moving files and performing tasks, they also load games and stream open worlds at a much faster rate than disk-based hard drives. This results in quick loading […]

Deutschland gegen Türkei – Der direkte Vergleich in FUT 21 – FIFA

Deutschland vs. Türkei – so heißt das freundschaftliche Duell am Mittwochabend in Köln-Müngersdorf, der Heimat des 1. FC Köln. Wir ziehen den FUT21-Vergleich. Wenn man anhand der Stadion-Atmosphäre nicht einschätzen kann, ob es wirklich ein Heimspiel der deutschen Nationalmannschaft ist, dann handelt es sich wahrscheinlich um eine Partie gegen die Türkei. Dieses Mal wird es […]