Gaming Community Debates The Best Joker Of All Time

We have been spoiled for choice over the past 80 years, while the Joker has been the iconic enemy of Gotham’s caped crusader. Amidst the recent news of Jared Leto’s revival of his DC role – previously dubbed as the worst Joker – members of the gaming community have been debating over their favorite Joker […]

Halo Community Update Teases Halo 4 MCC And Potential Crossplay

Halo’s latest community update is dense – covering esports competitions, Halo 4 flighting, Halo 5: Guardians’ birthday month, and even new armor from Halo Infinite. First of all, the team is bringing Halo 4 to The Master Chief Collection. “Every eligible, registered Halo Insider” will be included in the upcoming flight this time around. The community […]

Among Us – Das sind die besten Fan-Bilder

Among Us wird immer populärer. Am Erfolg des Spiels ist auch die Community nicht ganz unbeteiligt. Unzählige Fan-Bilder erscheinen auf Plattformen wie Reddit und Twitter. Unter Fan-Art versteht man gezeichnete Werke, die Fans für ihre Lieblingsspiele zeichnen und dann zumeist auf Social Media posten. Manche Bilder erhalten extrem viele Upvotes und werden auch von den […]

Pokemon Go September Community Day Is Tomorrow: Porygon, Bonuses, Event Move, And More

Niantic has a variety of activities planned for Pokemon Go this month, from the ongoing Mega Evolution event to the upcoming Victini Special Research quest line. But before the latter arrives, the studio is hosting September’s Community Day. This month’s event takes place this Sunday, September 20, and to help you prepare for it, we’ve […]

Warhammer Community Preview Shows New Terrain, Necrons, And Minis

GW recently shared some exciting news for pretty much their entire range of tabletop games in an online preview titled Shadow, Iron & Broken Realms. In no particular order; Warhammer 40,000 is getting a new terrain box, Vertigus. The Manufactorum comprises of lots of detailed pipes as well as some of the iconic gothic-cathedral style […]

Pokemon Go's Community Day Voting Results Announced

Update: Pokemon Go’s Community Day poll has closed, and the two winning Pokemon are Porygon and Charmander. The former received the most votes out of all four options and will be the featured Pokemon for September’s Community Day, which is scheduled to take place Sunday, September 20. The latter was the runner-up and will be […]

Pokemon Go Community Day Voting Results Revealed

Update: Pokemon Go’s Community Day voting has ended, and the two winning Pokemon have been revealed: Porygon and Charmander. The former received the most votes and will be the featured Pokemon during September’s Community Day, which takes place Sunday, September 20. The latter, meanwhile, will be featured during October’s Community Day, which is set for […]