Call of Duty Modern Warfare UPDATE: Season 3 Warzone Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox

Activision has released a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare update today that brings Season 3 content to MW multiplayer modes, and COD Warzone. The new patch is now rolling out on PS4, Xbox One and PC and weighs in at around 14GB. The big news is that new modes and maps are part of the free Modern Warfare update, along with changes to COD Warzone.

This includes the introduction of Warzone Quads, making it possible to drop into the map with the largest group size yet.

Owners of the full version of Modern Warfare will also get to experience a trio of fresh 6v6 maps included as part of Season Three, including Talsik Backlot, Hovec Sawmill, and Aniyah Incursion.

While there will be plenty of new stuff to check out this week not all content will be available today.

A message from Activision explains: “As the Season continues, expect more playlists in Multiplayer like Demolition, Gun Game Reloaded, Gunfight variants, and more.

“No matter what and where you are fighting, be sure to check the Barracks for a new batch of Missions.

“These include XP rewards along with blueprints, skins for both Operators and vehicles, and more, so dive in and watch the free content keep flowing.”

COD Warzone gamers are getting Quads today but more playlists and modes are being worked on too.

Some of these will change the loot pool to specific weapon types, including ‘Scopes and Scatter Guns’ (only sniper rifles & shotguns), in addition to other additions.

Activision has also warned that they will be making changes to ground loot in Warzone during Season 3, to help diversify the strategies you can use in the Battle Royale mode.

Another big part of today’s launch is the introduction of the new Call of Duty Battle Pass.

The Season 3 Battle Pass includes paid and free tiers, with all players able to earn two free new weapons at Tiers 15 and 31: the Renetti handgun and the SKS marksman rifle.

20 Tiers of Free Content have been confirmed, with Activision adding: “Players can also earn a handgun blueprint the ‘Cerastes’, a Legendary and meaty assault rifle blueprint the ‘Beefeater’, and a Legendary sniper blueprint to spell demise for your enemies in Warzone the ‘Witching Hour’, 300 Call of Duty points, and more.

“The first of the two free weapons – the Renetti is a well-rounded semi-auto 9mm pistol with an alternative three-round burst attachment. Unassuming, yet deadly, this sidearm excels in close-range combat, but can be kitted for a variety of situations.

“The second earnable weapon is the SKS, a lightweight, semi-auto carbine chambered in 7.62x39mm rounds. This hard hitting and agile Soviet-style marksman rifle focuses on utility over accuracy, which has helped it stand the test of time. It flaunts a faster fire rate than other weapons in its class, but a carefully placed round will eliminate the need for follow up shots entirely.”

Full patch notes for today’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 3 release can be found below:



  • Lowered the max amount of XP and score given for Decoy Grenade assists
  • Backend fixes to help Memory Error 13-71 issues. If you’re still experiencing this error, please reach out to Activision Customer Support
  • Fixed a bug where more than one dog would be present in the squad walk in the main multiplayer menu
  • As an owner of a regiment, players could sometimes see an error when selecting another player in their regiment. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to skip cutscenes in the campaign while using keyboard and mouse controls
  • Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to see Clan Tags for other players in the Social Menu after restarting app, or going through a power cycle
  • Fixed an issue where some players could encounter graphical corruptions, causing their screen to have a black ‘shadow’ that followed them. This has been fixed
  • Fix for an area on St. Petrograd that lacked collision and allowed the Recon Drone to fly out of bounds
  • Fixed a bug that made clan tags appear twice 
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from speaking to their team in a custom match if they switched teams after the match has started


  • Lowered the volume of the plane audio during infil
  • Lowered the audio once you enter the Gulag
  • Reduced the volume of occluded far and distant weapons
  • Some footstep sounds while ADS and crouched were cut short on the distance you could hear them, depending on the surface type


  • Fixed an issue where “The Line Breaker” variant of the EBR could out perform the base version of the same weapon
  • Players with the “Cherry Blossom” variant of the Akimbo handguns could have broken animations while ADS on ladders. This has been fixed
  • Firing a smoke grenade with the under barrel 40mm smokescreen launcher did not emit any smoke from the grenade. This has been fixed
  • Attaching the Sniper Scope to the MK2 Carbine while in the Gunsmith would show a white, opaque lens. This has been fixed.
  • Tightened the pellet spread on the Slug 6-R Mags for the Model 680
  • Akimbo weapons now start with 2 extra magazines of ammunition instead of 1
  • Tightened up the hip spread on the VLK Rogue Shotgun
  • Decreased ADS spread for shotgun slugs
  • Added descriptions to slugs noting that longer barrels and chokes improve ADS accuracy
  • Updating names of weapons to match weapon logos
    • 725: “FTAC Equilibrium” renamed to “Cronen Equilibrium”
    • SA87: “FSS SA87 Heavy Stock Pro” renamed to “XRK SA87 Heavy Stock Pro”
    • RAM-7: “XRK Ranger” renamed to “FSS Ranger
    • Grau 5.56: “FSS 26.4″ Archangel” renamed to “Tempus 26.4″ Archangel”


    • Added on screen text to call out when a player’s vehicle is damaged
    • Operation Headhunter: Fix for an error that could occur after launching the drone
    • Operation Headhunter: Fixed a bug where the minimap could overlap the Objectives on screen
    • Fall damage is now the same in Co-Op as it is in Warzone


    • We now tell you how far away you are from your teammates while in a match
    • Fix for the gas mask animation interrupting and blocking players from deploying their parachute
    • Various exploit fixes
    • Fix for a bug where players were unable to revive teammates after getting interrupted during the initial revive animation
    • Fixed a bug where players could be killed by vehicles without being near the player 
    • Fixed an issue that could display the incorrect rank on screen after the player’s game application had been suspended and reopened
    • Fixed an issue where deploying a Recon Drone would use the VO lines for a Personal Radar. That VO was also heard by all players on the map. This has been fixed
    • Fix for a bug where players could become invincible if they become downed while switching seats in a Tac Rover
    • While spectating a player in the Gulag, the option to redeploy your teammate would appear on screen, even though they cannot be redeployed. This has been fixed
    • If a player spectates the winning team of a BR match, the After-Action Report will display the winning team’s score in the scoreboard tab. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug where placing a Shield Turret on a teammate could kill them


    • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t swap out the M13 for any other weapon in the Plunder tutorial


    • Fix for players unable to self-revive in Solos
    • Increased price of Loadout Drop within the Buy Station to $10,000
    • Removed Blood Splatter and Screen Shake when being punched in the Gulag waiting area
    • Removed Loss Column from BR Leaderboard and replaced with Top 10s
    • Fixed issue with final circles occurring out of bounds or in undesirable areas
    • Fixed issue with Armor plates and Killstreaks being unusable under certain conditions


    • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability

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Modern Warfare servers down as Call of Duty Warzone queue returns

Call of Duty Modern Warfare servers are down and COD Warzone queues are back on PS4 and Xbox One.

Problems started earlier this evening and have seen players dropped from Battle Royale games and Multiplayer lobbies.

It’s unclear what is causing tonight’s issues or how long they might last in COD games and leading titles.

The good news is that not all COD gamers have been disconnected, which probably means that it isn’t a worldwide outage.

The main issue right now is that Warzone gamers are stuck in queues on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

A message from one user explains: “Six-minutes 42 second queue time and it ain’t going down.

Another adds: “Wonder how long this will last. Be nice if they told us what’s going on. Anything from their Twitter page? Maybe I’ll be playing LoL tonight.”

Another issue affecting COD gamers tonight is in connection with XP not tracking with the Battle Pass and in other areas of the game.

An older message from developer Infinity Ward adds: “We’re currently investigating an issue with XP and progression. We’ll provide another update once the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.”

The development team stated earlier today that they believe this issue is resolving and should be fixed if you restart your console or application.

An update is expected from Activision support teams if tonight’s outage continues on Call of Duty Modern Warfare and COD Warzone.

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Fortnite Deadpool Challenges: How to get Deadpool skin unmasked during Week 8 revealed

Epic Games released a new event this month, with the Fortnite Deadpool skin and Challenges so far proving very popular with fans. But it looks like things aren’t over yet and a new stage in the Deadpool Challenge will happen during Week 8. From what has been shared online so far by leakers, a new variant of the Deadpool skin will be released very soon by Epic Games on PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch and Mobile.


According to the latest news from Fortnite leakers, a new version of the Fortnite Deadpool skin will become available to unlock during Week 8.

And that means the new Deadpool variant could be made available in the coming days, possibly on April 10.

We don’t have a set release date or time for when the next Challenges will go live, but it appears there will be two new ones launched by Epic Games next week.

These will make it possible to unlock an unmasked version of Wade Wilson, which will be available to Battle Pass owners.

Since Chapter 2 Season 2 launched, we’ve known that Deadpool would be the secret skin available closer to the end of the season.

But we didn’t know that there would be extra versions of the Deadpool skin, which has now been revealed.


  • GTA 6 release date: New Grand Theft Auto news is good for PS5 and Xbox

And the good news is that if you have done everything needed to unlock Deadpool up until this point, the next stage will be very easy.

The two new Week 8 Challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale reportedly include finding Deadpool’s Floaty and Dancing at Deadpool’s Yacht Party.

But gamers will only need to complete one of these challenges to unlock the next version of the Deadpool skin.

So there should be plenty of people floating around before the end of April sporting the new Wade Wilson design.

Other news related to the end of Fortnite Season 2 has been discovered by dataminers this week.

It includes references to new Week 9 challenges being added to the game, which could mean further variants of the Deadpool skin being released.

For now, there has been no suggestion on what the Week 9 Challenges will include and that means they could be used for anything Epic Games wants to do before Season 2 ends.

While the Week 9 Challenges remain blank for now, it looks like Epic Games are still planning on ending Season 2 by the end of April.

This means that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will begin during early May 2020, unless Epic Games shares a delay notice later this month.

If you have been completing the Fortnite Deadpool challenges on a weekly basis then you will just need to complete one week 7 task to get the new Deadpool skin.

This includes finding Deadpool’s 2 pistols in Fortnite, which can be referenced in the Fortnite Battle Pass screen.

One of these Deadpool pistols will be underneath the table where the Agents have all gathered, the other one will be in Meowscles Agents tab by the barbell.

Fans are also hoping that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 will end with a big live event, which has yet to be revealed.

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Resident Evil 8 release date: RE3 Remake to be followed by big launch on PS4 and Xbox?

According to new rumours, the next mainline Resident Evil game will be cross-gen and will be announced in the coming months by Capcom with a 2021 release date. This would mean that the current Resident Evil 3 Remake will not be the last big RE release on PS4 and Xbox One. And it also means that Resident Evil 8 will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in a big way, if these new rumours are true.

From what has been shared so far, Resident Evil 8 will feature another first-person perspective, like the one used in Resident Evil 7.

Its introduction was controversial at the time but it did open the game to new horror experiences.

But following the success of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 Remakes, it will be interesting to find out that Capcom has changed tact again.

Capcom did do plenty of research before launching Resident Evil 2 in third-person, having played around with fixed-camera and first-person.

According to the latest reports, this new Resident Evil game started as a Revelations sequel, before being transferred over to the mainline series.

However, it should be noted that these latest rumours remain unverified and need to be taken with a pinch of salt.


  • GTA 6 release date: Bad Grand Theft Auto news is good for PS5 and Xbox

Other rumours have surfaced regarding the next Resident Evil game, including reports that the project has been rebooted at least once.

Another supposed that Ethan would return as a playable character, and it also revealed that it would once again be in first-person as opposed to third.

RE8 will allegedly begin in a village before the player moves onto a castle location, with the setting for the game possibly being in Europe.

The alleged leak claims that regular zombies will be making a return in Resident Evil 8 as opposed to RE7’s Molded.

And it also claims that Chris Redfield will be making a return in Resident Evil 8.

The alleged leak from earlier in 2020 also reported that wolf-life creatures would attack Ethan in certain areas.

This is another aspect shared between the two rumours, the latest coming from the Twitter profile, Dusk Golem.

It’s no secret that Resident Evil 8 is in development but Capcom hasn’t shared much about when it will be released.

While nothing concrete has been shared by the games company, it was revealed back in 2019 that testers were needed for a new project.

Capcom confirmed as much in a letter to Resident Evil Ambassador members in the Japan and US.

“Hi Resident Evil Ambassadors,” the post begins. “Thank you as always for your continued support of the Resident Evil franchise!

“Today, we’re reaching out to recruit potential testers from our loyal RE Ambassador community to try out a new game in early development.”

The fact that it’s in the early stages of development would suggest it was for something not connected to Resident Evil 3 Remake.

RE3 would hardly need testers for something in early development but it’s hard to gauge what could be coming next until we hear more.

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Legends of Runeterra Mobile release date and LOR PC Crossplay revealed

Riot Games has confirmed that the Legends of Runeterra release date has been set for Mobile devices on Android and iOS. LoR is currently available to play in Beta on PCs but we now know when the full launch will happen on all platforms. And the good news is that gamers won’t be waiting long for the full version of Legends of Runeterra to become available.


The Legends of Runeterra release date on Mobile and PC has been confirmed for April 30, 2020, or by that date.

It should be noted that LOR will be leaving beta on PC a few days before with the launch of Patch 1.0 on April 28.

And there’s a chance that some players will get access to Legends of Runeterra on Mobile before April 30.

Once Riot Games release Patch 1.0 to PC, they’ll begin distributing the mobile client to the Play Store and App Store.

Depending on where you live, it may take anywhere from four to 48 hours for gamers to see the app in your store.


  • Diablo 3 Season 20 start time, PS4 and Xbox release for D3 update

But wherever you are, on April 30, the mobile version of LOR should be fully live in all launch regions.

The good news is that LOR will have cross-platform functionality between Mobile and PC.

A Riot account will not be required to access LoR on mobile, but one will be required for cross-platform play and sharing your account progress between PC and mobile.

April 28 will also see the launch with a new set of 120+ cards, including a new region.

Riot Games has confirmed that Card and champion reveals will start happening before launch later this month.

At launch, LoR will feature seven regions, 35 champions, and more than 400 cards.

Riot has also revealed that all accounts that log in to LoR by 11:59 PM, May 7 PT will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian.

A short FAQ from Riot Games can be found below on the launch of Legends of Runeterra:

What languages and regions will LoR support at launch?LoR currently supports English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), and Portuguese (Brazil). With launch, we’ll add Traditional Chinese (text only), Turkish, and Russian.

Is there a beta reward?As a special thank you to our beta players and everyone who joins us at launch, all accounts that log in to LoR by 11:59 PM, May 7 PT will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian. The next day, we’ll begin distributing the reward, and you should see it in your collection within 24 hours. If you still don’t see your Guardian after 48 hours, please contact player support. Don’t worry, your poro pal will wait for you.

What will the Ranked reset look like?The end of beta will also bring an end to LoR’s first and only Beta Season. Once we launch, you’ll earn a Beta Season-exclusive icon based on the highest tier you reached to commemorate your first climb in Ranked LoR.

How will things change now that beta is ending?Beyond mobile and new cards, “launch” mostly signifies that we’re now confident LoR’s core game and progression are in good shape for a wider audience. We’re ready to ramp up content, add more features, and bring in new players while maintaining regular updates every two weeks, and balance changes once per month. After launch, we’ll share further detail on our roadmap for the rest of 2020.

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Predator Hunting Grounds trial start time news and PS4 beta release update

The Predator Hunting Grounds beta launches in the coming days and is promising PS Plus subscribers the chance to try out the new asymmetrical multiplayer experience for free. It’s one of the additional bonuses that came with the release of the March PlayStation Plus free games, and we know a lot more about what to expect. This includes when gamers will be able to log in and start their adventures, either as the four-player fireteam, or as the fearsome galactic bounty hunter.


As confirmed by Sony earlier in March, the new Predator Hunting Grounds Trial will start on Friday, March 27, 2020.

And from what has been shared so far, it sounds like things will be kicking off globally around the same time.

There are differences in launch times depending on where you live in the world so it will be worth keeping up to date with the latest news from Sony.

Developers IllFonic has confirmed that the Predator Hunting Grounds Trial start time has been set for 4pm GMT, in the UK.

Meanwhile, the PS4 beta will be released at 5pm PT in the United States and 3PM in Japan.

It should also be noted that a PS Plus subscription will be required to join in on the beta on the PlayStation platform.

For those who don’t have that, the Hunting Grounds beta will also be running on the Epic Games Store for free.


  • When is Sony going to reveal the PS5? State of Play predictions

The development team has also confirmed that the Predator trial is scheduled to run throughout the weekend, ending at 11.59pm PST / GMT / CET / JST on Sunday 29th March.

IllFonic have also been sharing news on what gamers can expect when the new multiplayer experience goes live this weekend.

“If you are the Predator, your mission is clear- take out the Fireteam and collect your trophies,”

“Nothing else matters. If you are the Fireteam, you will have specific objectives against AI that you will need to accomplish, get that done and escape with your lives to win the match.

“You definitely have the option to hunt the Predator which will earn you more XP, but consider risk vs. reward especially when you are playing to win.

“To be effective as a 4-person Fireteam, everyone should know their role and play to their class’ strengths. During the trial, you can choose to play 3 of the 4 classes that will come with the full game: Assault, Support, or Scout.

“A Scout excels at speed and agility, allowing them to run ahead to discover helpful items and complete objectives.

“Being a versatile class, Assault can cover the Scout, help complete missions, fight AI enemies, and prepare for when sh*t hits the fan.

“Lastly, Support can carry more helpful gear to resupply their team, help soak up damage in large battles with AI, and draw the Predator’s attention. A properly structured team will force the Predator to be extremely careful.

“The Predator’s most powerful tool for tracking is their vision mode. Using this mode will allow the Predator to see sound disturbances (Gunfire/Explosions) across large distances to zero in on chaos that could potentially be caused by the Fireteam. The Predator can also use Target Isolation, a cooldown-based ability which sends out a pulse of energy that highlights the general area of the Fireteam members in the map.”

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Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 rumours emerge ahead of reported Nintendo Direct event

A new report this week suggests that more Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 game details have been revealed. This includes details on how the map of the new game will function along with if Dungeons will be making a comeback. According to a report from Game Rant, the next Legend of Zelda game will use the same map as featured in Breath of the Wild. But while the map will remain the same, more explorable locations will be available, the most notable being the return of Dungeons.

Much of this information comes from YouTuber Tyler McVicker, who provided further insight into how gameplay will work in the Nintendo Switch sequel.

This included news regarding how Ganon will play a role in Link’s next adventure.

“Link has canonically already unlocked his map,” McVicker comments.

“You need to have a contextual story beat within there, and essentially that is that miasmic version of Ganon has overtaken the entire world.”

The report adds that players will not be able to explore the sections of the world that have been taken over by Ganon until they’ve been cleared.

Fans are certainly ready to learn more about Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, which remains shrouded in mystery.

There haven’t been any major updates from Nintendo on its next adventure featuring Link on Switch since 2019.


  • PS4 shock gameplay blows PS5 and Xbox X completely out of the water

And fans are hoping that this situation will soon change via a new Nintendo Direct event hosted by the company.

A reliable leaker is claiming that the next Nintendo Direct is happening this week and will include some great news for fans.

The leaker that correctly predicted that E3 was getting cancelled has said a Nintendo Direct is happening this week, according to a post by KitGuru.

And the leaker has also claimed that this upcoming Nintendo Direct for March 2020 will feature a Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 update and Metroid news.

It remains to be seen what the Metroid game the leaker mentioned could be.

Will we, at last, be getting first official footage of Metroid Prime 4, which was announced way back in 2017?

Or could the Metroid game in-question be the rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation for the Switch or the rumoured Super Metroid Remake?

Other rumoured titles dropping this year include Pikmin 4, Mario Kart 9, Metroid Prime 4, more Wii U ports and a new Paper Mario game.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 isn’t expected to have a release date set during 2020, although it would make for the perfect counterweight against the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But if a recent comment made by Nintendo is anything to go by, the Japanese game giant isn’t worried about the impending market shakeup.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had this to say on the subject, telling investors: “The Nintendo Switch business will soon enter its fourth year, and we believe it is just entering the middle of its life cycle.

“We are looking beyond the next fiscal year to consider how to move forward in the next fiscal year and ones to come.”

Adding: “[It’s] essential to continue our efforts to extend sales of already-released software for a longer period than before.”

Whatever does happen in the coming months, fans are likely to hear more about Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, even if it doesn’t launch this year.

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Call of Duty Warzone patch notes reveal Solo Mode in Modern Warfare update

A new Call of Duty Modern Warfare update has gone live today and includes some interesting news for COD Warzone gamers.

Developers Infinity Ward has confirmed that Solo Mode has been added to Call of Duty Warzone today, expanding the Battle Royale mode further.

At launch, Warzone only provided the option to play in teams of three, although they did also make it possible to drop into the map with just one other team mate, or by yourself.

But this meant facing off against trios by yourself and clearly provided a problem for COD fans who like to play solo.

Today’s Modern Warfare update changes all that and makes it possible to play the game against individuals, rather than groups.

COD Warzone gamers now have a new option and that also provides the promise of other modes dropping later in March and in April.

A lot of Battle Royale gamers are waiting for for a quads option to be added to the game, making it easier to play in bigger groups.

It doesn’t appear that the rules of Call of Duty Warzone will change much with the release of Solo Mode, and Activision has provided a clear rundown of how things will work.

These have been listed in the new Modern Warfare patch notes and the first details regarding Solo Mode can be found below:

“In Solos, you drop into Verdansk alone with Battle Royale rules. That means no squadmates, no friends – only you and a pistol with a few bullets. Think of this as Free-For-All in a traditional Call of Duty game, but on a massive scale.

“As you loot, complete Contracts, and survive against up to 149 other players, the circle collapse will roll in just as it does in a normal Battle Royale. The Gulag will still welcome in prisoners of the Warzone, but if you die in that 1v1 Gunfight, forget any form of redeployment – you’re out for good.”

Adding: “When you hit the ground, intel becomes the most powerful weapon for survival. Along with paying attention to the Tac Map and Compass, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV. The last of these tools can be bought through Buy Stations, which are active during this mode.

“Speaking of Buy Stations, you can also still buy Self-Revive Kits or find them in Verdansk. Keep this in mind when fighting other Operators; usually, they will instantly die after being reduced to zero health, but if they have a kit, they have the chance to jump back up and get their revenge. With that in mind, always ensure you have a confirmed kill before turning your attention towards the next firefight.

“Finally, Solos is a great way to practice the fundamentals of Warzone. Solo games are a good option for players who want to train up on weapons, equipment, perks and map knowledge. With only your senses and your HUD to rely on, a Solos match can offer a trial-by-fire that can provide plenty of learning experiences for your future drops.”



  • Cranked Kill Confirmed
  • Mercenary Moshpit
  • Atlas Superstore 24/7 (10v10) “Doorbuster 24/7”
  • Gunfight is now St. Patrick’s Day themed!

Battle Royale:

  • Solo Mode! That’s right. Just you. 


  • Fix for a rare bug where players could have increased movement speed after coming out of the Gulag and back into the game
  • Fixed a bug where players may find their weapon in a stowed position and are unable to reload or use their weapon
  • In some cases, players could become stuck under Buy Stations when prone. This has been fixed
  • The Threat UI could disappear from the screen if players complete a contract while they are being hunted from a Bounty Contract. This has been fixed
  • Updated text to “Redeploy Squadmate” to make it a little more obvious on screen when you can buy back a teammate
  • Fix for the last objective in the “Boats and Trains” Mission not tracking as intended
  • Kills are now credited to the player who downed the enemy player.
  • Fix for an exploit where players were able to shoot while downed
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to deposit cash using balloons if their settings were set to “Contextual Tap”
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to clip into the walls in the Hospital 

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PS5 release date DELAY with Xbox Series X could still work out for PlayStation

While gamers could be very disappointed to hear it, there’s a chance that the PS5 release date could be delayed beyond 2020. Having been officially declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization earlier this week, the Coronavirus is set to have long-lasting effects on the global economy. Recovery rates from COVID-19 have boomed in the last few weeks with more than 62,000 people given the all-clear.

However, the coronavirus outbreak also caused the worst two-day losing streak on Wall Street in two years, and the tech sector was among the worst hit because certain companies rely on global sales and supply chains.

Then on Wednesday, tech companies led the way in stock increases with a 1.5 per cent rise for Microsoft and a 1.8 per cent surge for Adobe.

But analysts are starting to factor in the idea that like other sectors, the gaming market will see delays and problems.

And according to market analysis DFC Intelligence, supply problems could lead to the PS5 and Xbox Series missing their 2020 release slot.

“Coronavirus is likely to have a major short-term impact on the delivery of both systems,” the report quoted by Forbes reads.

“There is a strong likelihood one or both systems will not make a 2020 launch.

“If the systems do launch, supply will likely be constrained and initial pricing could be higher than expected.

“Currently the economy is in an unprecedented state of uncertainty. Even if the situation clears up in a few weeks, the ability to manufacture and release a high-end new game system has already been severely impacted.”

No one wants to see the PS5 or Xbox Series X pushed back until 2021, especially considering how long the PS4 and Xbox One have been on shelves.

But while it could prove unpopular with fans, PlayStation and Microsoft could reap the benefits of a short delay.

The report from DFC adds: “Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will release to record consumer demand.

“The challenge Sony and Microsoft face is making sure they release systems that meet expectations.

“Given the current situation, waiting to make sure they get the initial product right is the most prudent choice.”

Sony is expected to announce more details regarding the PS5 in the coming weeks, with Microsoft having to change its plans, following the cancellation of E3 2020.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed as much to fans on Twitter, confirming that a digital event is being planned as a replacement.

“E3 has always been an important moment for Team Xbox,” Specener tweeted this week.

“Given this decision, this year we’ll celebrate the next generation of gaming with the Xbox community and all who love to play via an Xbox digital event. Details on timing and more in the coming weeks.”

But even with the chance of further delays and shortages in 2020, that hasn’t stopped industry experts from backing both consoles in a big way.

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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile update: Download Modern Warfare mode for COD bonus

You can’t play Call of Duty Warzone on Mobile devices and the chances are you never will. However, if you download Call of Duty Warzone on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and then link your COD account, then you can grab yourself a Take Force bonus. For the next week and as part of a new celebration event from Activision, COD fans can pick up a few bonuses by owning multiple Call of Duty games. And the great news is that none of them will cost you anything, you simply need to have COD Mobile and Modern Warfare Warzone downloaded.

The prize for doing so is being able to recruit a Task Force 141 Soldier to your Call of Duty: Mobile team.

This special event isn’t lasting long and COD Mobile gamers will have less than two weeks to claim their prize.

Linking your COD account in the correct manner by March 23 should score you an Exchange Coin, an item which can then be used to pick up your chosen prize.

“Call of Duty: Warzone, a Modern Warfare experience, launches on March 10th, and to celebrate, we are offering you the opportunity to recruit a Task Force 141 Soldier to your Call of Duty: Mobile team,” a message from Activision explains.

“From March 10 – March 23, a special exchange event called ‘Task Force 141 – Warzone’ will be live in the Events menu.

“Download Call of Duty: Warzone on your platform of choice, and log in using your linked Call of Duty Account from Call of Duty: Mobile. Within 72 hours, you will receive an exchange coin in your Call of Duty: Mobile mailbox.

“Exchange this coin for 1 of the 3 following Task Force 141 Soldiers: Ghost – Stealth, Captain Price or Gaz. Choose wisely.”

As mentioned above, this new deal is all being made possible by the launch of Call of Duty Warzone this week.


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As many COD fans will already know, Warzone is a new Battle Royale experience which offers several modes for gamers to enjoy, free of charge.

Warzone is different to Blackout in several ways, boasting a bigger map and a higher player count for games.

Infinity Ward has dropped the required player count today to make it easier for matchmaking to complete.

And while there are still plenty of people waiting to download it, it looks like COD Warzone is going to be a popular new addition.

Warzone can be downloaded from the PSN or Xbox Live digital stores on consoles, or via Battle Net on PC.

Here’s how you can participate in and complete the new COD Mobile Warzone event:

1. If you haven’t already, create or link your Call of Duty Account in Call of Duty Mobile. You can do it through the settings menu and the exact steps for that are outlined in our support section under the category “Account, Login Options and Friends”. If you have already done so, you can skip this step.

2. On your platform of choice, update Modern Warfare if you already have the full version, or download Warzone from either the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store or from Battle.Net.

3. Log into Warzone using the same Call of Duty Account that you linked in Call of Duty Mobile and complete the tutorial.

4. After successfully completing steps 1-3, you will receive the exchange coin in your mailbox in Call of Duty Mobile within 72 hours.

5. Once the reward has been claimed, find the ‘Task Force 141 – Warzone’ event in the Events menu and exchange it for the Soldier of your choice.

Activision has also confirmed that after you link you Call of Duty account in Call of Duty Mobile for the first time, you will also receive the Outrider – Arctic Soldier.

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