First-Person Dead Ops Arcade Coming To Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War In Season 2

Dead Ops Arcade is a Call of Duty Zombies staple dating back to the first Black Ops, so naturally, it found itself in Cold War. It even features a first-person power-up that completely shifts perspective from the usual top-down arcade view to… well, first-person. Now? There’s an entire dedicated mode to it underway. One eagle-eyed […]

Red Dead Online: Everything You Need To Know About Steelhead Trout

Fishing and hunting are the sometimes overlooked staples of life in the Wild West. Sure, gunfights and train robberies are flashy and exciting, but sometimes a cowboy needs to sit back and relax by a nice body of water and cast his or her reel. Or, for all you completionists out there, fishing might just […]

Red Dead Online players finally get solo-friendly missions

Red Dead Online’s missions are often better when players group up into a posse, but a new in-game activity is meant only for solo players. Players can now take part in “A New Source of Employment,” a mission type that puts players in a solo lobby for a dangerous scenario. These missions are delivered via […]

Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Keep A Horse Before Unlocking The Stables

If you’ve found yourself a horse but haven’t unlocked the stables yet, this is how you can keep it after Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. The stables will only unlock after Arthur goes hunting with Hosea during Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. During this mission, Hosea tells Arthur they’re going to visit a stable to sell […]

Red Dead Online: Collector Guide

Red Dead Online can feel like a bit of a rat race at times. Everyone is hunting, selling moonshine, collecting bounties, killing each other, it never ends. Don’t you just wish there was a Role for people who enjoy the little things in life? Do you yearn to take in the sights, explore, dig into […]

The Walking Dead Quest Gets Trial Update Next Month

The long-awaited The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Quest Trial update arrives early next month. The update, which was recently delayed just ahead of its intended launch date, will now arrive on February 4th. The Trial adds a new horde-style survival mode to Saints & Sinners, getting players to take on waves of zombies and […]

GTA & Red Dead Online: How To Link Your Social Club And Prime Gaming Accounts

With its weekly updates, Rockstar Games is constantly giving players plenty of reasons to check out GTA Online and Red Dead Online. New discounts on loot and cosmetics, as well as bonus XP and in-game currency, are just some of the enticing deals that make Rockstar’s open-world online games worth checking out week-to-week. However, players […]