Apex Legends Teases Yet Another Robot Character

The rumor mill is currently filled with Apex Legends theories due to a mysterious tweet from the official Twitter account. The tweet contains a GIF that seems to reference a simulacrum, a robotic soldier from Respawn’s other first person shooter series Titanfall.

In the Titanfall universe, the simulacrum, or simulacra, are robotic soldiers fitted with human minds that are created by Hammond Robotics and Vinson Dynamics. These human minds have been uploaded into the robot bodies, which can be considered a form of transhumanism. The simulacra fit somewhere on the robotic spectrum between androids and cyborgs, with the element of having a human mind separating them from other mechanical beings.

Personalities and memories are even transferred over, meaning that the new character can still possibly have some personality and backstory to add to the Apex Legends lore.

In the tweet, the GIF seems to show a model helmet and talks about a “Trail 7578”. It seems that three subjects have attempted to be uploaded into this unit before, with the last subject going “hysterical” when shown an exact copy of themselves.

In Titanfall canon, simulacra often decorate and customize their robotic bodies with trinkets or clothing, leaving room for Respawn to create a number of interesting skins for the new robot character.

Revenant is also considered a simulacrum, but was created specifically by Hammond Robotics to be a killing machine, with the mind of one of the greatest hitmen uploaded to him. When his programming failed, Revenant swore an oath to kill those who had created him as a living nightmare.

This is also not the first time Respawn has hinted at the Titanfall universe in Apex Legends, with the latest map including an Easter egg to Titanfall 2’s most infamous level.

Apex Legends season 5 is set to start on May 12. Hopefully we will see more of this new character before the next season begins.

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