Proven Apex Legends Players Banned For DDoS Attacks In Ranked Play

It doesn’t get any more blatant than this. Yesterday, two videos appeared on the Apex Legends subreddit showing two different views of two confirmed cheaters that just so happened to be the number four and six ranked players on Xbox. The videos (from Reddit users Loloshooter and Jaronxz) both show the exact same sequence of […]

Apex Legends: Everything You Wanted To Know About Heat Shields

Apex Legends recently launched its Chaos Theory Event, which made a few changes to how the game is played. One new addition is that of an item called a Heat Shield, and there are a few things players should know about them. Many players don’t even realize that they have them until they find themselves […]

Apex Legends Removes 700 Cheaters In Latest Wave Of Bans

The long ban hammer of the law might take a while, but it always catches up with Apex Legends cheaters. Respawn is very keen to keep their beloved battle royale game blessedly clear of cheaters and exploit users, and the latest ban wave continues that trend. Respawn security analyst Conor Ford recently announced on his […]

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Review – Portable Apex Is A Massive Disappointment

I have played Apex Legends for literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Not quite a thousand, but enough to feel like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this particular blend of battle royale. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I’ve played too much Apex on bigger, more powerful machines, and now that […]

Best Settings For Apex Legends On Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends has finally landed on Nintendo Switch, and it has arrived to a somewhat mixed reception. Hey, we all knew that Apex Legends wasn’t going to look as shiny or run as smoothly on a handheld system, but no one knew the issues would be quite this pervasive. Nevertheless, if you’re jumping into the […]

Apex Legends: Complete Gibraltar Guide

If it’s one on one, Gibraltar will win. Even though the big gay defender was once one of the least chosen Apex Legends characters in the game, Gibraltar in Season 8 is actually one of the most formidable opponents to go up against. With a wide range of defensive abilities, and the potential to deal […]

What do the Apex Legends Characters Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life?

Many players fail to remember that every character in Apex Legends has its very own voice actor who is tasked with bringing them to life. They give them personality and make them memorable to players, which is why they are the unsung heroes of the gaming industry. The voice actors can make or break a game, […]

I Hired An Apex Legends Coach Via Metafy And Became A Better Player In 4 Weeks

When I heard about Metafy, a venture-backed startup dedicated to matching video game players with top-caliber pros for coaching, I wanted to give it a try. For as little as $20 a session, I’d work with a professional player who could coach me in my game of choice, Apex Legends. The platform also hosts coaches […]

Apex Legends’ first Switch gameplay trailer shows off handheld footage

Respawn Entertainment has finally shown off Apex Legends running on the Nintendo Switch. The first gameplay trailer was released on Tuesday, and it looks a lot like the Apex Legends you’re used to, only a little smaller. While the footage is mostly recognizable as the Apex Legends players have come to expect over the last […]