Evil Geniuses not included in Americas invites for ESL One Thailand Online

ESL One Thailand: Online 2020 Americas division is set to commence next month, on the 8th of August, with a total of eight teams from South and North America fighting for supremacy and a share of the $65,000 prize pool. Six of the participants will enter the competition via a direct invite ticket from the […]

Borderlands 3's Latest Event Is Live: Get Tons Of Loot And Cash

Gearbox has issued new hotfix for Borderlands 3, rotating out the two previous limited-time events and introducing a couple of new ones. The new events will last for two weeks, as usual, and together they make both loot and cash more plentiful. It is live now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. According to the […]

Final Fantasy 14 Won't Evict You During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Housing is hard to come by in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, as there’s limited space and lots within the game’s residential areas. It’s why Square Enix also has a condition that if a house hasn’t been accessed for 30 days, it’ll be marked for automatic demolition–and after 45 days of inactivity, the house will […]

Physical Copies Of Resident Evil 3 May Be Delayed In Europe, Capcom Warns

European fans looking forward to Resident Evil 3 Remake are going to be met with potential disappointing news as Capcom UK has announced that physical copies of the game may be delayed due to the current Coronavirus situation. An official statement was published on the company’s UK Twitter account. It clarified that even though the game […]