Call Of Duty: Warzone is teasing a new Black Ops game during matches

As if there was any doubt left as to what this year’s new Call Of Duty is, Warzone has begun teasing it while people play.

There’s a good chance that this year’s new Call Of Duty game will be announced today, given the time-locked crate Activision sent out to influencers last week.

That reveal won’t happen till 5pm BST but in the meantime fans have been surprised by teases turning up while they’re playing Warzone.

Players have found the screen becoming corrupted with static, as mysterious phrases appear – one in Russian and one of which says, ‘Know your history’. All of which seems to point towards a new Black Ops game during the Cold War.

The Cold War name has already been leaked multiple times before and seems certain to be what the name game is called, although the exact setting is unknown.

Despite all the leaks, nothing is known about the story or if the new game is a reboot or a sequel. The Cold War lasted between 1947 and 1991 so that’s a lot of ground to cover, with the game probably taking in multiple eras during its campaign.

Whether the reveal today is the game itself, or just another tease, remains to be seen but given the ongoing success of Warzone – which now boasts over 75 million players – Activision is in no hurry, even if some of the delay is no doubt due to the coronavirus.

It’s also unclear exactly what formats the new game will be released on. Traditionally you’d expect it to appear on the new next gen consoles, but the pandemic may have slowed developer Treyarch and Raven Software down enough that they’ll be delayed into next year.

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