Fortnite Is Counting Down To Doomsday, And Here's What That Means

Epic Games recently announced that Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 2 will end on June 4, and if previous seasons are any indication, a blockbuster event is likely to mark its conclusion. Recently, a countdown timer appeared in the game’s main menu and in Midas’s office, counting down to a date that would seem to be […]

Call Of Duty: Mobile Is Adding The Gulag Soon, See A Teaser Now

Call of Duty: Mobile has a battle royale mode, but it’s not quite the same as Call of Duty: Warzone. In particular, Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t feature Warzone’s most unique and exciting features, the Gulag. It seems that’s going to change very soon. Or it could be something else entirely. The official Call of […]

Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Teasing Captain Price For Season 4

The official Call of Duty app sent players a mysterious message yesterday about an event happening in Call of Duty: Warzone on Thursday, May 21, possibly in connection to Season 4. The notification is cryptic, but it was soon joined by a more teasers that seemed to make things a little clearer. A video teaser […]

Twitter is not breaking new ground with its remote work policy

I’m the president of Articulate, a highly profitable SaaS company that’s been fully remote since its founding in 2002, has more than 250 employees, and will reach $100 million in recurring revenue this year. So when I heard that Twitter is breaking new ground by letting its employees work remotely, as this article by Margaret […]

Xbox Live Is Down, No Timetable For Return [Update]

[Update: Xbox Live services appear to have resumed and issues have been resolved.] Original story follows: Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues that are affecting signing in and playing multiplayer titles across Windows 10 and Xbox One. It doesn’t appear there is a fix yet, but Microsoft is working on getting things running smoothly again. […]

Destiny 2: Where Is Xur May 22-26? Exotic Weapon, Armor & Location

This week, Destiny 2’s “The Lie” quest was finally fixed, allowing players to grab Felwinter’s Lie, a powerful new legendary shotgun. If you need more sweet new guns, Xur is back in the solar system with a bag full of Exotics for you to peruse. Here’s where to find him and what he’s carrying. Head […]

Henry Cavill Is A Character In The Latest Total War: Warhammer II DLC

Henry Cavill wowed audiences with his performance as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s Witcher series, a part he pleaded to play after falling in love with the games and books. The actor hasn’t been shy about sharing his enthusiasm for video games, especially playing them on PC. Cavill discussed in the past his love for the Total War series […]

Ghost Of Tsushima is up to 50 hours long, map is ‘packed’

Ghost Of Tsushima will feature Sucker Punch’s largest open world to date, and will be packed with ‘people, items, and stories’. The latest Ghost Of Tsushima details got fans even more excited for the samurai game’s release, and now Sucker Punch has provided a little extra concerning the game’s length and map. In an interview […]

Civilization 6 Is Free On The Epic Games Store

Last week, Epic kicked off its Mega Sale with a bang by offering Grand Theft Auto V for free. The giveaway proved to be so popular that it crashed the storefront for hours. This week’s freebie isn’t Grand Theft Auto V-level popular–after all, GTA V has sold more than 130 million copies–but it’s still a […]