Mario Kart 8 Is Now The Best Selling Racing Game Of All Time In The US

New sales data reported on by the NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella shows that Mario Kart 8 has become the best-selling racing game in the US. Piscatella announced the achievement through Twitter, where he was reporting on March’s sales data. In the Tweet, he says that Mario Kart 8 placed 6th on the best-sellers chart for the […]

Wanderhome is a Redwall-inspired RPG that arms players with dialogue, not daggers

“You wield the blade that must never be drawn.” This is the first line in playbook for The Veteran, one of 15 classes in the highly-anticipated new tabletop RPG, Wanderhome. Created by independent designer Jay Dragon, on the surface it’s a pastoral fantasy perfect for adventurers who want to dangle their furry toes in the […]

What is the Best Way to Learn About HCF and LCM?

Right from the start of the age we all humans are in the process of learning. The traditional education curriculum used to focus more on the grades of the student rather than focus on the knowledge that he has obtained about the subject. This will help the student to a robust mathematical foundation in any […]

Bungie Is Adding Armor Auras With The Arrival Of Guardian Games 2021 In Destiny 2

Armor Auras have been a part of Destiny 2 for quite some time now. In Year 2, Bungie introduced Gambit Prime auras for all four armor sets that were added with the Season of the Drifter. Along with that, we’ve also got the 100,000 Nightfall score completion aura as well. However, since then, it seems like Bungie […]

Call Of The Sea Is Coming To PS4 And PS5 In May

Developers of the adventurous title Call of the Sea have took to their social media to announce that the game will be arriving on the latest Sony consoles in the month of May, with both the PS4 and Ps5 on board. The game was already available for users on Microsoft devices, since its release last December. It […]

Sony Is Investing Another $200 Million In Epic Games

Epic might not be operating in the black when it comes to the Epic Games Store, but this hasn’t deterred Sony from investing even further into the company. Epic just announced today that it’s secured another $1 billion in funding for future growth, with Sony accounting for $200 million of that billion. According to Epic, […]

I Hope WWE 2K22 Is The Reboot This Franchise Seriously Needs

The WWE 2K games have never been good. Sure, they’ve bordered on passability once or twice, but ever since the PS2 days, wrestling games have basked in a pool of mediocrity that they almost seemed determined to remain in. The franchise has only worsened in recent years, culminating in the complete cancellation of 2K21 due […]

TemTem’s Cipanku Island Is Live – Now Go Catch Those Mythicals

A new area is ready to be explored in the world of Temtem as the game expands with a major new update. Players of Temtem can now travel to Cipanku Island which will introduce new creatures, characters, and locations to the addictive RPG. Temtem is an online RPG along the lines of the popular Pokemon franchise […]