Xbox Owners Can Relax With Cloud Gardens Later This Year

One-man studio Noio has announced that its relaxing lo-fi game Cloud Gardens will be releasing on the Xbox Series X|S later this year.

In this experience, players use the powers of nature to grow plants all over urban and manufactured landscapes. This would be a perfect game for those stuck in apartments as Cloud Gardens lets you create your own garden masterpieces. It previously released on Steam Early Access, and since the game’s launch on September 9, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive by players.

“The Early Access community has already produced some amazing gardens so far, and I can’t wait to see what Xbox players come up with,” said Thomas van den Berg, the creator of Cloud Gardens. In a busy world with action-packed titles like Outriders and Returnal around the corner, Cloud Gardens might be that breather you’ll need.

In addition to this news, Noio has also provided an industrial-themed update for Steam users today, implementing new plants, levels, and objects for all the game’s gardeners to enjoy. There are 14 more levels, new gnome audio effects, and over 50 inorganic objects to scatter around. Plus, there are many quality of life changes like a better UI, advanced keyboard controls, an auto item grabber, and a free-cam option in the photo mode.

“The industrial update is big, but it’s based on a simple idea: turn a factory into a forest,” said van den Berg, “We’re digging deeper into Cloud Gardens’ central theme of reclamation and care.”

You may know of the Amsterdam-based Noio and Thomas van den Berg from his work on the Kingdom series, of which both have been received very well by critics and fans alike. It’s an acclaimed set of strategy games that mixes in resource management and kingly decision-making. Cloud Gardens seems to be following the same pattern so far.

The Xbox Indie Showcase had a few surprises in store this week. Survival game Rust will be making its way to Xbox systems on May 21, and The Ascent presented some pretty 4K graphics with a new trailer.

Cloud Gardens is now available on PC through Steam and will be out on Xbox Series S|X later this year.

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