Mario Kart Peaked With Mario Kart: Double Dash

The quirky Mario Kart racing franchise has been around since Super Mario Kart was released for the SNES back in 1992. Since then, we’ve seen many different titles for Nintendo’s consoles and handhelds, as well as more recently, mobile phones. However, over the last few years, the franchise has begun to feel quite stale. Looking […]

Sitting Down With The Composers Behind Cyberpunk 2077's Soundtrack

A good soundtrack can make or break a gaming experience. Pairing the right sounds to the perfect scene is imperative, and setting the stage for what the player feels is an incredibly powerful — and sometimes daunting — task. With Cyberpunk 2077 just around the corner boasting some killer tunes, we sat down with the OST […]

EVOO Partners With THX For Its Latest Line Of Gaming Laptops

Already having partnered with Razer and TCL, THX is continuing to solidify its place within the realm of gaming with its latest endeavor, partnering with private-label electronics brand, EVOO, for its latest line of gaming laptops. The new EVOO Gaming laptops, powered by Intel and AMD, are available now available on Amazon and range in […]

Christmas Comes Early With Discounted Animal Crossing: New Horizons Plushies

Good news for any Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan in need of Christmas gift ideas – plushies based on characters from the game are currently on sale through Zavvi! As one of the most tumultuous years ever finally draws to a close, we think hugging an Animal Crossing plushie will provide some much-needed solace. UK-based online store Zavvi specializes […]

Wipe Away The Tears With Kingdom Hearts Tissue Box

The Disney licensing team may have gone a bit too out there, as they will be releasing a Kingdom Hearts-themed tissue box cover that costs around $40. Now, you can sob to the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 with tissues at hand and less money in your wallet. According to KH13, there are two different […]

GRID takes off with Drone Champions League partnership – Esports Insider

GRID Esports has announced an official data partnership with the Drone Champions League. The deal will encompass the resumption of the in-real-life racing league in 2021, as well as races hosted in Drone Champions League – The Game. RELATED: GRID CEO Moritz Maurer on the pandemic’s unexpected opportunity for esports Data will be made available to GRID members […]

With PS5, We Finally Have A Console That Can Handle Knack

Like our PS5 review says, Sony’s new console is an incredible piece of kit. It even answers the age-old question: can it run Knack? The original Knack might have become a bit of a meme, but it’s a surprisingly demanding game. On PS4 Pro, it enjoys an uncapped frame rate mode. Combine that with its excessive […]

ESI catches up with esports startups competition The Clutch winners – Esports Insider

From November 18th-19th, Esports Insider will host ESI Digital Winter, the third and final online conference event in the ESI Digital series of 2020. Alongside the main agenda of engaging panels and brand showcases, ESI Digital Winter will feature the fourth edition of The Clutch, Esports Insider’s pitch investment competition that aims to support and […]

Anthem dev updates with plans for new, meaty mech combat

If you remember Anthem, you may be curious about current status of the troubled mech game’s promised revamp. On Wednesday, studio director Christian Dailey shared an update to mech combat, which was considered one of the stronger aspects of the game. The player now has a Loadout screen, where they can equip and change gear […]

Chris Metzen Is Back With Warchief Gaming

Chris Metzen, former senior vice president of story and franchise at Blizzard Entertainment, is back in the game development ring. Warchief Gaming was a tabletop gaming club in Orange County, CA, but now it’s going to be a development studio as well. Metzen is joined by Mike Gilmartin, former vice president of quality assurance at Blizzard, […]