Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Guide Part 5: NEST 2

After battling the Nemesis, killing hordes of zombies, and venturing across the city, Jill Valentine is nearing the end of her journey in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Keep going and find every item, upgrade, and collectible along the way with our RE3 Remake walkthrough. Part 5 takes you underground to uncover Umbrella’s secrets and find a way to make it out of Raccoon City alive.

If you need more Resident Evil 3 content, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full Resident Evil 3 Remake walkthrough for help on everything. We’ve also got a complete list of Resident Evil 3 lockpick locks, as well as safe locations and codes, a guide to finding every Hip Pouch, a guide to finding the jewels for the Kite Road Railway Monument puzzle, and an explanation of when you should fight the Nemesis for big rewards.

Note: This walkthrough covers Resident Evil 3 Remake for the Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore difficulties; on Nightmare and Inferno difficulty, enemy encounters and item locations are remixed.

  • Part 1: Racoon City Downtown
  • Part 2: Sewers, Demolition Site, Gun Shop
  • Part 3: Raccoon City Police Department, Clocktower Plaza
  • Part 4: Hospital

Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Part 4: Underground Storage And NEST 2 Underground Lab

Underground Storage

Exit the elevator and go past the smaller lift to find a forklift just past it, with a green herb waiting. At the top of the lift is a safe room with a Hip Pouch inside; check the desk for the Elevator Notice file as well.

When you reach the warehouse, first grab the Explosive A before you drop down; it’s on the pile of junk next to the gap in the railing. You’ll need to find three fuses to restore the power. The first is at the top of the first lift you encounter; be careful of the skinless “Pale Head” zombie that drops down to accost you as you approach. These guys regenerate when you shoot them, so it’s recommended you use something strong like the shotgun or magnum to dispatch them quickly and permanently. Take the ladder down from the first generator and then head west into the container crate to find handgun ammo.

Keep moving and your path will be blocked. Deal with the two zombie dogs that appear; you’ll have a zombie to fight up ahead as well. Push between the shelves to keep advancing and snag the red herb at your feet as you get through the gap. There’s also a Charle Doll on the shelf on the right as you exit the gap between the shelves.

Ahead, lower the lift beside the staircase, then cross it to the darkened corner on the other side. There’s a case here that holds the Shotgun Shell Holder upgrade. Raise the lift back up, then take the stairs up to the door at the top. The next room has three zombies, including one of the tougher Pale Head zombies, so use caution. Grab the Employee Memo file off the crates on the left and the shotgun shells from the shelf on the right. Unlatch the door to get back to the safe room; take the door on the left.

Your second fuse is just at the bottom of the ladder, but prepare yourself to fight off a Hunter to get to it. This is a tight spot and it’ll come at you fast, so if you have acid rounds, get them ready. There’s also gunpowder on the crate on the left side of the aisle.

Backtrack up the ladder and return to the stairs. Use the lift to get into the back corner of the room to find handgun bullets. Exit the lift on the other side to find the path forward; raise a second lift and check the crate on the left side of the platform it connects to for high-grade gunpowder.

Get ready for a fight when you drop down the ladder. The shipping container closest to the red generator will open first, spilling out some zombies; after that, the one near the ladder will open, revealing a Hunter Gamma. The Hunter is the bigger threat here, since it can kill you in one shot if it gets close enough. One strategy is to drop a few mine rounds near the container where the zombies will attack from to cover your back, then focus on taking down the Hunter Gamma. If you’ve got a flame round, you can do it in one shot; if not, fire into its open mouth when it goes in for an attack with the shotgun or Lightning Hawk until it goes down, then mop up the zombies or escape up the ladder to heal.

If you managed to clear out the enemies, check the Hunter Gamma’s container for a green herb and the zombie container for two gunpowders and a high-grade gunpowder. Then grab your fuse and head back to the elevator. Be careful, because the three bodies that were lying in front of the elevator before are now three mutated zombies.

At the top of the elevator is a typewriter and an Item Box, and you’ll get the Unfinished Activity Log file from the control panel. In the front right corner of the room near the window, open a crate to find the MAG Extended Barrel upgrade.

Don’t take the elevator here until you’re all done in the warehouse, because you won’t be able to return


The room at the end of the hall as you enter is a safe room; find a green herb inside on the right, high-grade gunpowder on the left, and the NEST 2 Employee Regulations file on the table near the typewriter. It also includes the NEST 2 Map.

Go up the stairs beside the safe room, then take a left into the hallway. You’ll find a zombie on the ground and another around the corner. Break the wooden crate to find shotgun shells, and grab the Isaac Graves’ Diary file off the ground beside it.

Ahead, you’ll enter a room with several tanks and hospital beds. Turn left from the door and check the corners on the south side for high-grade gunpowder and handgun ammo. In the center of the room, on a bed, is the Essay on Vaccine Synthesis file. Finally, head to the green computer in the corner on the right and get a Flash Drive out of it; examine it to reveal that it’s the Override Key.

Back downstairs, the Override Key can open the locked door you passed coming in. Inside you’ll find one regular zombie and several Pale Heads, so be careful not to get cornered; the magnum can drop the Pale Heads with one headshot, if you want to be quick about it. Grab the Shipping Notice file off the table at the base of the stairs; go past them to the back of the room to find a green herb, shotgun shells, and Explosive A along the back wall. Ignore the door back here and climb the stairs instead.

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Lab A

Turn left when you enter to find the Weaponry Authorization Request file on the desk and gunpowder on a rolling cart beside it. Activate the machine to get the Capture Syringe; examine it to turn it into an Antigen Sample. Note that when you pick up the syringe, one of the bodies will stand up and attack you as a zombie. Leave Lab A by the far door to find handgun ammo in the next room and a Charle Doll on the ground near the crates blocking the way.

Return back down the stairs. A fresh Pale Head will drop out of one of the weird packages above you, so be prepared to deal with it. Leave by the door at the back of the room to enter a server room with more stairs. Go around the servers on your right to find a case that contains acid rounds. In the corner to your left as you enter is a red herb, and you can grab gunpowder off a table on the left near the laptop. Near the body at the end of the catwalk on the right side of the door is the Scientist’s Dying Message file, beside a slumped body.

At the bottom of the stairs, head around toward the power generator thing. Kill the zombie that shambles after you, then go to the far side of the big computer server to find a case that contains first aid spray. Push in the big red thing to power the big door on the other side of the room. Before you go further, if you don’t have acid rounds, make some. You’ll find Explosive B just ahead if you’re short on resources.

Tyrant Lab

Check around the back of the first jar with the big heart in it for a case that holds Explosive B. The elevator will take you to a catwalk; as you advance, zombies will pour out of the door ahead, including a Pale Head, two mutated, and a regular. Beyond them is a case with Explosive B inside.

Head into the Incubation Lab, dealing with the zombie in the corner. This room contains the Liquid-Filled Test Tube; examine it to turn it into the Adjuvant Sample. Combine that with the Antigen Sample to get a Vaccine Base. You’ll also find Explosive A in a case in the corner, gunpowder near the sample tubes nearby, and the Expression of Concern file on the desk beneath the Mega Man poster.

As you leave the area, the Hunters watching you suspiciously from the sample tubes will bust out. You’ll fight two at first, then a third. Use acid rounds on them to weaken them, then finish them with the shotgun (or whatever other weapon you prefer). When all three are down, you can continue. Head back to the vaccine synthesis machine and use the Vaccine Base. Set the temperatures to Med, High, Low to get the Vaccine.

Worker’s Break Room

Check the room for lots of goodies: flame rounds, explosive rounds, high-grade gunpowder, and a first aid spray. The breakable wooden box also has Explosive B. On the wall beside the door, you’ll find the Disposal Center file. Exit onto the big catwalk and turn left to find a case with more flame rounds in it, then head to the stairs. Before you get to them, check your gear: you want a few healing items, plus all the grenade launcher rounds you can carry. Around 10 extra rounds for the magnum will be helpful as well.

Like the fight at the Clocktower, you’ll want to keep moving when dealing with Nemesis in the Disposal Center. He has a number of attacks he’ll throw at you, most of which are pretty heavily telegraphed, but if you keep moving and rely on your dodge, you’ll be able to avoid most of them. Watch out for the Nemesis backing way up and hunkering down for a second–this means he’s about to fling his tentacle arm at you. You’ll also see him rear up for a quick jump toward you, and slash away with his other arm.

Even better than keeping away from the Nemesis is blowing it up with the grenade launcher, which briefly stuns it out of all of its attacks. You should have a mess of grenade launcher rounds at this point, and this is the time to use them. Flame rounds are effective in damaging the Nemesis early on since it’ll catch fire and burn for a while, but explosive rounds are most effective for stunning it. You’ll want those for later when the Nemesis uses more aggressive attacks, so best to save them in the beginning portion of the fight.

When Carlos shows up, the Nemesis will start running around the outside of the arena like he did in the Clocktower Plaza fight, stopping occasionally behind one of the big electrical generators. When that happens, shoot the red squares on the generator Carlos names with your handgun; that’ll trigger a burst of electricity and toss the Nemesis back into the disposal tank, where you can lay into it. Shoot it in the exposed floppy red heart or hit it with a grenade when it lands and do as much damage as you can–but hold onto your explosive rounds for stunning, because the Nemesis will be a lot more aggressive during this part of the fight.

Another important point: when the Nemesis runs along the side of the tank, two zombies will drop in through chutes around the edges. If you’re distracted, they can wander up behind you and ruin your day. The best way to handle them is to ignore the Nemesis when he starts running, pull out your magnum, and kill the zombies as soon as possible. One magnum shot will usually do the job. You’ll also find ammo and other pickups scattered around the edges of the area if you need a refresh.

The more you hurt the Nemesis, the more aggressive it’ll get–especially after the first time Carlos smashes it with a piece of machinery. When that happens, watch for the Nemesis to hunker down and take longer to prepare bigger attacks. Stun it with grenades if you can, because all these hits are tough ones. You particularly want to avoid the attack when it raises its tentacle high into the air. It takes a moment or it to bring it down, but when it does, the Nemesis starts flailing around and can hit you two or three times before you’re able to get up, get away, and heal yourself. It’s this attack that’s most likely to kill you, so do your best to keep it from happening altogether with your grenades.

Repeat the process a few times and you’ll put enough hurt on the Nemesis to defeat it.

Staff Break Room

When you’re through in the Disposal Center, head to the Staff Break Room ahead, where you can save. You’ll find gunpowder and a first aid spray in here, along with the Weapon Spec Sheet file on the shelf. Gear yourself up with ammo and healing items, as much as you might have left, before you head out.

As you might have guessed from the Weapon Spec Sheet file, you’ll need something special to take the Nemesis down. The rail gun you read about is actually right behind you when you start the fight, so spin around, take it out, and give it a shot to get the fight going properly.

Once you’ve blasted away with the rail gun, you’ll see that three of the blue power cells around the room have turned red, requiring you to push them back into place. You can’t do that while the Nemesis is actively attacking you; it takes too long, you’re left too vulnerable, and there’s a good chance he’ll use an attack where he grabs you in his hand and crushes you to death while you’re unable to get away. First, you need to shoot the monster to stun it.

Focus on the big, pulsating orange sacs that pop up on the Nemesis. These are its weak points, and they’re easy to destroy. Use whatever ammo you’ve got, but the handgun or the magnum are actually the most effective weapons for damaging these, thanks to their accuracy. It doesn’t take many handgun shots to destroy each one, and there’s a lot of spare ammo around.

While you’re popping the sacs, the Nemesis will be attacking you. Keep an eye on its hands and tentacles and try to keep clear of them. When it smashes the floor in front of it, with each hand coming closer, dodge out to the sides to avoid a big slam in the center of the room; when it raises its tentacles up, run between them in the center. Its attacks will be pretty easy to see coming, since the Nemesis is very big and slow at this point. Watch where it looks like his arms are going and dodge clear to avoid taking damage–he mostly just slams them straight down. You’ll also have to dodge the acid globs he spews in your direction, but they’re also generally pretty slow and easy to anticipate.

When you pop all the weak points, the Nemesis will fall over for a few seconds. On Standard difficulty, you should have time to push back the two power cells on the right before the Nemesis gets itself back together, but don’t risk going after the third if the timing seems close; you’re likely to die in the attempt. (On Hardcore, the Nemesis will recover more quickly, and you’ll only have enough time to push one power cell back into place.) Take a second to destroy the weak points again before getting the last cell. If you’re low on healing items or ammo, check the crates immediately to the left and right of the rail gun–there are a ton of ammo boxes for the handgun, plus hand grenades and first aid sprays.

Power up the rail gun, grab it, and go to town. Repeat the process until you’re finally victorious.

Now That It’s Over

You might have escaped Raccoon City, but there’s still more to do in Resident Evil 3. Completing the game on Hardcore difficulty unlocks Nightmare mode, which remixes enemy encounters and item locations, while making everything tougher. Beat that and you can unlock Inferno mode, which ratchets up the difficulty even more. In our opinions, the harder difficulties are definitely the best way to enjoy Resident Evil 3 Remake.

You can also use the Shop on the Bonuses screen to add new weapons and items to your repertoire that can help you speedrun Resident Evil 3 Remake and complete the objectives on the Records screen. There’s a lot more to complete that’ll keep you busy for a bit.

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