Second Extinction Gets Xbox Game Preview Release

Imagine Left 4 Dead, but instead of constantly running away from zombies, you’re constantly running towards mutant dinosaurs. And you’re also tearing them to pieces with lots and lots of bullets. “If firing a minigun into a crowd of velociraptors sounds like your kind of fun,” Eric told us in his preview back in October, […]

Xbox Rumored To Have Event After Bethesda Acquisition

Back in September,  Xbox acquired Bethesda through the purchase of its parent company ZeniMax Media. After the initial news broke, there was radio silence from Xbox about any plans or what this could mean for Bethesda’s games. However, according to new rumors, Microsoft does have a new event planned to explain what this means for Xbox and Bethesda. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubbs mentioned […]

Quake In Fear Xbox And PS5, Souljia Boy Is Making Another Console

Rapper Soulja Boy has announced that he is making another game console after a 2018 attempt was met with cease-and-desist letters from major manufacturers. In a tweet, the 30-year-old hip hop artist announce announced, “Building a new console from scratch, all new design. All new games. All new deals. Let’s make history.” Soulja Boy’s first […]

Fall Guys Is Coming To Xbox This Summer

After the reveal that Fall Guys is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, the BR game has now been revealed to be arriving on Xbox at the same time. It was revealed during this week’s Nintendo Direct that Fall Guys will finally arrive on Switch this summer. The good news keeps on coming for Fall […]

Xbox And PC Developers Can Now Send Their Games To Microsoft For Accessibility Testing

It looks like Microsoft is aiming to make a positive change to the gaming industry in 2021, specifically around the ways accessibility for video games is handled. To do that, they are expanding their accessibility efforts and launching a never-before-done program that will help to evaluate Xbox and PC games. Microsoft’s gaming accessibility team have announced that developers […]

Xbox Announces New Premium Wireless Headset

The team at Xbox has announced a new headset to complement the new console hardware it launched last year in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The new Xbox Wireless Headset promises myriad upgrades to your average, run-of-the-mill gaming headset with best-in-class audio performance and chat features. When Microsoft set out to improve […]

Xbox Game Pass Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Gaming

I’m writing this on my day off because I’m currently waiting for exactly 30 games to install on my Xbox Series X, and I’m astonished. I know that I won’t have space for all of these games, which means I’m going to have to cancel a few downloads. But how am I supposed to choose […]

Little Nightmares 2 is an edge-of-your-seat winning PS5 and Xbox horror game

Having loved the first horror game, we were very excited to get out hands on this scary platformer sequel. The Little Nightmares series is all about what it would be like to survive little children’s bad dreams. And this game doesn’t let fans down. It’s a freaky edge-of-your-seat scare-fest from start to finish. Your nerves […]

Xbox controller sync trick is perfect for Xbox Game Pass superusers

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X arrived in November, and reviewers and consumers alike have been busy putting the new console through its paces. One feature that wasn’t advertised concerns the Series X’s new controller, which has the hidden (and helpful) ability to quickly switch between two devices. The tip comes courtesy of Microsoft employee Timo Wolf, […]