Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to download and play right now

As rumoured, Halo Infinite’s first season of multiplayer has started early and is now free to download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The leaks already seemed believable but now it’s official: Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is available to play from today for everyone, whether they’re a Game Pass subscriber or not. The news […]

The HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset is affordable quality gaming gear

We were blown away by the more expensive Cloud II headset by this gaming brand a few months back and now they’re coming at the new console generation with two new headsets. The £99.99 Cloud Flight cans are aimed at PS5 gamers and the £89.99 CloudX Stinger’s are Xbox Series X orientated. Both are very […]

The Outer Worlds Switch Review: Corporate greed is now handheld

The year is 2355. You, a colonist destined for the Halcyon cluster, wake up from stasis to an unexpected sight: a bedraggled scientist is hurriedly fixing your escape pod so he can shoot you onto the nearest planet, Terra 2. Your ship, he tells you, was abandoned by the corporate conglomeration that runs this new […]

Xbox Reveals New 20th Anniversary Controller And Headset, Available Next Month

Microsoft has revealed a new Xbox wireless controller and matching headset in honor of the 20th anniversary of Xbox this year.  The Xbox controller follows the same layout as the new standard Xbox wireless controller that launched with the Xbox Series X/S, and it features a translucent black design with green grips, a green logo, […]

Among Us is coming to Xbox and PlayStation in December

Among Us is finally heading to Xbox and PlayStation on Dec. 14, the Dual Wield Studio and Innersloth teams announced Thursday morning. Among Us will run on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X this holiday. The game is already available on the Google Play store, the iOS App Store, Steam, itch.io, […]

Xbox Series X 512GB and 2TB storage expansion cards confirmed for Christmas

Microsoft and Segate has officially announced two new storage expansions for the Xbox Series X, with an unexpected new 2TB card. Leaks had already revealed that a new, smaller 500GB expansion card is on its way for the Xbox Series X/S but the official announcement today has also revealed a new 2TB card as well. […]

A New Xbox Statistics Page Being Tested, Can Track Game Time

Ever want to know how long you’ve been jamming on a game? Xbox users are one step closer to having that information readily available as part of the console user interface. The feature is still in testing, but certain Xbox Insiders can use the feature with a new update being tested. Xbox consoles enabled for […]

Xbox 360 blades are back… on the Xbox website at least

Microsoft is paying tribute to the old blades dashboard interface for the Xbox 360, as the 20th anniversary of Xbox fast approaches. It’s the 20th anniversary of Xbox this year and Halo Infinite is already poised as the perfect way to celebrate the original console’s most famous launch title. There’s not much about the hardware […]

Halo Infinite technical preview this weekend is super awkward for UK gamers

Technical previews will run for Halo Infinite this weekend and next, but UK gamers are likely to get only half the playtime of the US. With its December 8 release date, Halo Infinite is set to be the last major video game launch of 2021 but while we still know practically nothing about the story […]

Xbox Game Pass Is Adding 13 Games, Including Sable And Subnautica: Below Zero

If you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass, you can look forward to 13 new games arriving on the service between now and the beginning of October. Eight of these games hit Game Pass on the day of their release, including the highly anticipated indie game Sable. Subnautica’s excellent continuation, Below Zero, will also […]