The HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset is affordable quality gaming gear

We were blown away by the more expensive Cloud II headset by this gaming brand a few months back and now they’re coming at the new console generation with two new headsets.

The £99.99 Cloud Flight cans are aimed at PS5 gamers and the £89.99 CloudX Stinger’s are Xbox Series X orientated.

Both are very similar in design and offer a very good set of gaming headphones at such a bargain price.

The PS5 ones are wireless and you simply plug a USB stick into the front of your shiny new console and turn the unit on to instantly connect to the machine.

They offer 30 hours of charge at any one go, so you don’t have to worry about losing that killer sound when deep into a lengthy gaming session.

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They’re comfy too, with the headband and individual ear cups thickly padded using memory foam to avoid any rubbing with the plastic headset and steel sliders underneath.

They also boast 90-degree rotating ear cups to allow gamers to rest the headset on their neck or shoulders in between games. Believe me, you need that after a hard gunfight on CoD: Warzone.

The Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset offers users a stylish black design to match Sony PS5 and PS4 and blue lights on the sides when turned on, giving the firm’s signature logo a swish neon feel on the sides.

You can stretch out too, with a 20metre chord-free range and there is a detachable noise-canceling microphone with an LED mute indicator on it when you want to buddy up and chat with pals online.

Sound-wise they boom deeply in the height of battle on shooter games but also deliver clear voices in cut scenes on quieter or more story heavy titles like Ghost of Tsushima.

They really came alive on the new Director’s Cut of Death Stranding, with the immersive dense atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic game at its very best.

You feel the rain around you as it falls, and that wonderful sombre music score cuts through your entire body.

The sister headset, the CloudX Stinger Core, is aimed at Xbox Series X/S gamers and is very similar, with the main difference being the battery life being cut to 17 hours.

It too is wireless but this one’s microphone is not detachable, you swivel it upwards to shut off in-game chat instead.

It feels slightly more plasticky and we were less enamoured with its grey chassis with classic Xbox green tinge but it is light to wear.

The sound and comfort are akin to the Flights and I think I preferred having the built-in headset chat-to-music mixer dial. It just meant I could wheel out the voice distractions online if I wanted to with a handy volume knob.

This one doesn’t need a USB dongle either, just press the ‘pairing’ button on the headset as you do the same on the Xbox’s connect button on the console, and voila.

And at £10 cheaper than the PS5 earphones it is competitively priced.

Overall both headsets do a great job giving you mid-tier gaming sound at a fairly budget cost.

They look great, are both very comfortable and – where it really counts – the immersive sound is spot on.

Well worth a look.


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