'Hey Facebook' Wake Words Roll Out To Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 owners can now address Facebook directly while using the headset to accomplish certain tasks with the phrase “Hey Facebook.” The new opt-in experimental feature is rolling out to Oculus Quest 2 headsets starting today, with plans to expand the feature to the original Quest over time. Facebook says, “Quest doesn’t listen for […]

Will Oculus Quest’s Future Push the VR Envelope

At the end of January 2021, Facebook held its usual Q4 earnings call for the previous year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg positively discussed Oculus Quest 2’s holiday sales, mentioning how they’d: “done more than any other company” to make virtual reality (VR) a mainstream technology. Facebook is most certainly dominating even as it moves towards a […]

More Developers Reveal They’re Part of Oculus Quest’s $1m+ Club

Facebook made some big announcements yesterday regarding its Oculus Quest platform and how well some developers were doing. Over 60 titles have managed to exceed the $1 million USD marker with the company naming several of them. Since that announcement, studios have taken to Twitter to confirm which of them had managed to be part […]

Oculus Unveils App Lab, Quest’s New Software Portal

After announcing how well developers are doing on Oculus Quest today, the company is now rolling out its long-awaited distribution feature so creators have an easier path onto the headset. Its called App Lab, part of Oculus’ v25 update for Oculus Quest being rolled out today. Previously, if a developer couldn’t get on the tightly […]

Facebook researchers propose ‘pre-fine-tuning’ to improve language model performance

Machine learning researchers have achieved remarkable success with language model pretraining, which uses self-supervision, a training technique that doesn’t require labeled data. Pretraining refers to training a model with one task to help it recognize patterns that can be applied to a range of other tasks. In this way, pretraining imitates the way human beings […]

Facebook Aims For Monthly Oculus Quest Software Updates

John Carmack, Consulting CTO at Facebook’s Oculus, is encouraging Oculus Quest users to give feedback on their experience with Quest and Quest 2 headsets, particularly the software and user experience. In a series of tweets on Monday Carmack linked to the Quest User Voice forum, encouraging Quest users to “voice your thoughts” on Quest and […]

Facebook Wrongly Suspends Fallout Group Free States Militia Again

Yesterday, the leadership behind a Fallout 76 roleplaying group, called Free States Militia, was suspended from Facebook until February 7. During the lockdown, historic numbers of people found entertainment, solace, and community in gaming. However, the political environment has been such that Free States Militia has been removed from Facebook not once, but twice. In October of […]

Governments Allege Facebook Practices ‘Illegal Monopolization’, Take Legal Action

Facebook is facing legal action from the governments of the United States and Germany, with allegations of “unlawful conduct” and an inquiry into the practice of linking Facebook accounts to the use of an Oculus headset. The Federal Trade Commission in the United States sued Facebook, “alleging that the company is illegally maintaining its personal […]