Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Doesn’t Care If You Never Played Dirge of Cerberus

Square Enix has released a selection of new screenshots and renders for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this reimagining of the JRPG classic isn’t afraid of throwing everything at the wall with supplemental games, novels, films, and more being implemented into a single, somewhat cohesive universe. It’s going […]

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Launches November 2021

During Square Enix’s Digital Fan Festival for Final Fantasy 14, Yoshida and his team revealed that the next expansion, Endwalker, will launch later this year on November 23, 2021. Back in February of this year, Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida shared that the game’s next big update, version 6.0, would come some […]

Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker Expansion Gets Extended Trailer

During Final Fantasy 14’s Digital Fan Festival, Square Enix revealed the MMO’s extended trailer, including a title card that reaffirms its launch window of Fall 2021. Back in February, Yoshida and the FF14 team revealed that the MMO’s next big update would come in the form of Endwalker. The showcase revealed just where the game would […]

Final Fantasy 10 Perfectly Depicts Strained Family Relationships

When Tidus reunites with his estranged father, he doesn’t collapse into his arms, finally getting the approval he always wanted. He tells him he hates him. Family confrontations like this are rarely fluffy affairs. Frankly, Tidus gets a bad rap. As a kid playing Final Fantasy 10, maybe it’s understandable why we looked at this […]

Final Fantasy 14 Is Teaming Up With Butterfinger For An Exclusive Mount

Fans of Final Fantasy 14 and chocolate rejoice- Butterfinger is offering players an exclusive mount for the game, and all you need to do to unlock it is eat chocolate. Starting on May 3, Final Fantasy 14 players can unlock the Chocopokkur mount by buying $5 worth of Butterfinger bars. Uploading the proof of purchase […]