Adam Wingard Finally Confirmed Who Wins Godzilla Vs. Kong

Before Godzilla vs. Kong hit HBO Max and cinemas back in March, director Adam Wingard stated the film will have only one winner in the showdown. Yet the audience left confused about who actually won the standoff, as both of the opponents stayed alive at the end. Now, we have a direct answer. Adam Wingard […]

Team Go Rocket Finally Returns In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go developer Ninantic has announced that Team Go Rocket has finally returned to the game, and to make up for this inconvenience a little gift has been imparted to all Pokemon Go players. A game-breaking glitch demanded that Ninantic remove Team Go Rocket from the game for more than two weeks whilst the issue was being resolved. Pokemon […]

Avengers game finally lets you play as four Hulks or four Iron Mans

Crystal Dynamics is getting rid of one of Marvel’s Avengers’ multiplayer roadblocks by allowing for duplicate heroes — for the next 12 days, at least. During the game’s Tachyon Anomaly event, players can play any combination of heroes they want, like forming a team of four Hulks. The Tachyon Anomaly Event runs from April 22 […]

Bungie Is Finally Tweaking The Bottomless Grief And Celerity Perks In Destiny 2

After tons of feedback requests and community threads on the Destiny subreddit, Bungie has finally made the decision to change Destiny 2’s newly added perks, Bottomless Grief and Celerity. These two perks have been in the spotlight for quite some time after players started getting adept weapons from Trials of Osiris’ flawless chest or completing […]

A Hat In Time DLC Will Finally Hit PS4 And Xbox One At The End Of March

The long-awaited DLC for A Hat in Time on PS4 and Xbox One is finally here and will launch for those systems at the end of March. As reported by GameSpot, both of the DLC expansions already released on PC and Nintendo Switch – Seal the Deal and Nyakuza Metro – will be available to […]

Hearthstone Classic finally debuts in its newest update

Following suit in the chase for nostalgia, Activision Blizzard is bringing the Classic experience from World of Warcraft into Hearthstone. In the 20.0 update, players will be able to travel back to 2014 and experience Hearthstone before Quests and Rush minions were even around. Originally announced at BlizzCon 2021, the new Classic format will take […]

Bungie Is Finally Fixing Eyes Of Tomorrow Damage Bug In Destiny 2

Eyes of Tomorrow, the Deep Stone Crypt raid exotic rocket launcher is one of the best weapons added in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. The weapon drops with the raid completion after the Taniks boss encounter. It’s a perfect mix of Warclif Coil and Truth having tracking projectiles that lock on up to six targets at once. […]

After Four Years I Am Finally Ready For A Switch Pro

I love my Nintendo Switch. Since the first day I booted up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I have been enamoured. I love the form factor, I love the accessories, I love the Pro Controller, and I love the games. Since launch I have taken the Nintendo Switch across the world with […]