Wumpa Fruit G Fuel Showed Me The Secret Truth About Crash Bandicoot

I have a theory about Wumpa Fruit. Bear with me, this is going to get pretty deep into Crash Bandicoot lore. The original game established that Crash was just an ordinary bandicoot until he was abducted by Dr. Cortex. Cortex and his childhood friend N. Brio built an Evolvo-Ray and turned Crash into a mutant […]

BBC set to broadcast FIFA 21 Global Series European Regional Qualifiers – Esports Insider

British broadcaster BBC has announced a partnership with EA SPORTS’ that will see the FIFA 21 Global Series European Regional Qualifiers be aired on its platforms. The European Regional Qualifiers and Playoffs will be shown on the BBC iPlayer, plus BBC Sport’s website and app. The competition will also still be available to watch on EA SPORTS FIFA’s Twitch and YouTube […]

epic.LAN secures Logitech G partnership – Esports Insider

UK gaming and esports event organiser epic.LAN has announced a partnership with peripherals firm Logitech G. According to the release, the partnership will look to bring ‘a range of improvements’ to epic.LAN’s casual and competitive players during its online and offline events in 2021. This includes the event’s esports competitions having increased prize pools for […]

Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Guide To Growing Crops

Stardew Valley has gone through several updates since its launch in 2016. The game has continually got content updates, many of which added new crops and trees to the game. As most farmers know, there is nothing that can earn gold faster than mastering farming and maximizing the number of crops you can put out […]

How Mass Effect Inspired The Games Industry And Beyond

At the beginning of Mass Effect 2, the Normandy – your spacefaring base of operations for the entire first game – is destroyed. Protagonist Commander Shepard stays back to make sure her crew escapes with their lives. Shepard isn’t so lucky. She’s still inside when the Normandy cracks open, sucking her out into the cold […]

Valve being sued for keeping game prices high on other platforms

Five individuals have filed a lawsuit against Valve, accusing the company of abusing Steam’s market power and hindering innovation. Last month, Valve came under fire from the EU Commission for geo-blocking games on its Steam platform and now the company is facing a second lawsuit for allegedly making developers and publishers enter a Most Favoured […]

BioMutant — remember that? — gets a launch date for PS4, Xbox One

BioMutant finally has a launch date. THQ Nordic’s “open-world, post-apocalyptic kung fu fable” arrives May 25, 2021 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Originally due in 2018, BioMutant is developed by Experiment 101, which Avalanche Studios’ former creative director, Stefan Ljungqvist, founded in 2015. THQ Nordic is the game’s publisher. In BioMutant, players […]

The 10 Best Weapons In Metal Gear Solid 5

There are many ways to play Metal Gear Solid 5. Players could use stealth to avoid confrontation. Players can also forgo stealth and go into situations guns blazing. To facilitate whatever play-style a player might choose, there are numerous weapons at their disposal. This game has pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket […]

Time-Bending JRPG Cris Tales Gets Impressive Collector's Edition

Some of you may recognize Cris Tales as one of the more eye-catching indie titles of 2021. For those unfamiliar, the game blends a striking, hand-drawn art direction with time-bending JRPG gameplay. It looks extremely promising, and those planning to pick it up should perhaps consider upping the ante with the game’s newly announced collector’s edition. […]