Japanese board game developer Oink Games bringing its catalog to Nintendo Switch

Oink Games, makers of charming little board games, is bringing its unique catalog to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made Friday on Twitter. I hadn’t really head of Oink myself until just a few years back, when our Clayton Ashley returned from Japan with A Fake Artist Goes to New York. It’s a terrific little […]

A Mandalorian Game Is Inevitable; What Should It Look Like?

At this point, a Mandalorian video game feels inevitable. The Disney+ show is the most popular Star Wars thing in years (decades, maybe), several Star Wars games are said to be in development, and it feels like it could adapt so easily into the video game space. The various arcs of the first two seasons […]

I’d Watch A Game Of Thrones Style Political Drama About Mortal Kombat’s Outworld

Mortal Kombat’s Outworld is a culture-rich barren land filled with political intrigue as the various races and alliances constantly war over who will be crowned Kahn. In the past two games, we’ve seen that shift from Shao to Kotal, while Mileena works from the outskirts to pull down that newfound power. Throw in the hive-mind […]

Game Dev Sues Valve For Anti-Competitive Practices On Steam

Valve has been criticized before about Steam’s PC market dominance, but it looks like that criticism has reached a boiling point, at least for one indie game developer. Wolfire Games has filed a class-action lawsuit against Valve on April 27, according to GamesIndustry.biz. The suit was filed in US US District Court for the Western […]

Stalker 2 Actor Hints The Game "May Be Coming By Winter"

Stalker 2 developers from the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World occasionally tease that “2021 is a very important year for the project,” though the game has never officially received a more specific release window. Now, a Stalker 2 voice actor hinted that the project “may be coming by winter” on PC and Xbox Series X|S. The […]

Xbox Game Pass Adding Dragon Quest Builders 2 Next Week

Yet another title is coming to Xbox Game Pass, the first of several announcements on the way for the month of May. Microsoft has confirmed that the first game to make its way into the rotating library at the start of a new month is none other than Dragon Quest Builders 2.  In the latest Xbox […]

Japan’s Annual Indie Game Show BitSummit Returns This Year With Physical And Digital Events

Japanese indie game event BitSummit is scheduled to go ahead this year in both digital and live forms, according to its organizers Japan Independent Games Aggregate (JIGA). This year’s BitSummit, entitled BitSummit The 8th Bit, will be held physically on Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3 at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall, Miyakomesse. This, as always, is still […]

Hades Wins DICE Game Of The Year Award, Full Winner List Seen Here

Another year, another DICE  awards show. The Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain Awards showcase is another way the gaming community celebrates the digital adventures we’ve undergone while looking ahead towards the future. During the 2021 ceremony, Hades has once again nabbed a top-tier award as Game of the Year. 23 other categories join the Supergiant Games […]

Avengers game finally lets you play as four Hulks or four Iron Mans

Crystal Dynamics is getting rid of one of Marvel’s Avengers’ multiplayer roadblocks by allowing for duplicate heroes — for the next 12 days, at least. During the game’s Tachyon Anomaly event, players can play any combination of heroes they want, like forming a team of four Hulks. The Tachyon Anomaly Event runs from April 22 […]

Watch: Resident Evil 4 VR Gameplay Montage

Capcom and Facebook have shown us a fair bit of Resident Evil 4 VR over the past two weeks, but not in the form of a trailer or extended gameplay walkthrough. Instead, everything we’ve seen for the upcoming Oculus Quest 2 exclusive came in the form of short gameplay clips spread across last week’s Resident […]