A Long Lost Superman Game For PS1 Has Been Released

Many of you might remember an N64 game called, appropriately, Superman 64. It was made by French games publisher/developer Titus Interactive, and it was an almost unmitigated disaster. After a rough development period where Titus and Warner Bros. continually fought over the license, Superman 64 was released as not even a half-finished mess that was […]

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Is Up To 40% Off In Black Friday Sales

The Xbox fans who are looking for a discount on Game Pass will have a chance to buy a three-month subscription for 40% off, starting tomorrow. Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s biggest asset in the current console war. Microsoft ensured that the service entered the Xbox Series S/X generation with a stacked line-up. The number of games on offer […]

New James Bond game coming from Hitman developers

Hitman developer IO Interactive announced Project 007 on Thursday, a new game starring James Bond that will tell the British Secret Service operative’s origin story. Project 007 will “feature a wholly original Bond story exclusively as a video game,” one in which players must “earn their 00 status,” the studio said in a news release. […]

Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. review – older than old school

Nintendo has released a brand new console in time for Christmas, that celebrates both Super Mario and the first ever Game & Watch. We’re happy to be corrected on the fact, but we suspect that, ignoring arcade games, the original Game & Watch must’ve been the first consumer product Nintendo ever released in Europe. We’ve […]

Original Watch Dogs game listed for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Watch Dogs: Legion is arriving very soon for next gen consoles, and Ubisoft may already be planning to re-release the first game. With Watch Dogs: Legion still to release on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and plenty of big plans for post-launch DLC, fans of the series still have a lot to look […]

New Mobile Game Wants To Help Save The Kakapo, An Endangered And Flightless Parrot

Kakapo Run is a new game available now on iOS and Android that is trying to raise awareness about one of New Zealand’s most endangered species. The mobile gaming industry is a real money-spinner for developers, but also one that is never far from controversy. A great many mobile games might be advertised as free-to-play, […]

1UP Is A Video Game Comedy About Women In Esports [Update]

Update (11/02/20): The original version of this story referenced the film having a “backdrop of GamerGate,” and being “about women in esports and GamerGate.”  Game Informer received an email from BuzzFeed Studios PR saying these statement are factually incorrect, so we have removed those specific mentions of GamerGate.   Original Story: Video game films are largely regulated to pure […]

Game Informer's Holiday Buying Guide 2020

The holiday season is upon us, and so begins the time-honored tradition of hinting to your friends, family, and partners about the gifts you’d like to receive. We’re here to help, with a curated list of some of our favorite stuff from across the worlds of toys, collectibles, tech, tabletop games, active gear, and home […]

Which Horror Game Should You Play This Halloween?

It’s October, and you know what that means: We are in the mood for some spooky experiences in anticipation of Halloween. Video games have you more than covered in that department, but there are so many ways to provide scares. We’ve made the process of picking a creepy game easy by providing different categories depending on what you’re […]