GTA Online Signal Jammer locations: ALL 50 Signal Jammers & where to find them?

Though fans might be desperate for a new GTA 6 game, GTA 5 is still rolling out new content, with another massive GTA Online update released this week, introducing the Diamond Casino Heist DLC to the game. Despite a flurry of new content at launch, including new GTA Online cars, missions, clothes and so much […]

GTA 5 Warning: Rockstar ending support for key Grand Theft Auto feature

GTA 5 is without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest game in the world and even though it's coming up on its six-year anniversary next week, it continues to be one of the biggest sellers month on month. For instance, last week it was revealed that Grand Theft Auto 5 was the most downloaded […]

GTA 5 Online Arcade Income Guide: Daily Passive/Max Income and Upgrades

In GTA Online players can purchase an Retro Arcade Property and in fact this purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures is downright essential if you want to host Diamond Casino Heists. However, whilst players will be required to use the Arcade Property to plan their next casino heist, it's not worth forgetting that the business can […]

GTA Online Guide ‘Files Required’ Error Message Fix for Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA Online players in every region have been reporting a specific error in the game that's preventing them from logging on and enjoying Rockstar's sandbox title, in the midst of a wider GTA 5 down issue. One of the most common errors players are reporting online is an error message that reads: "Files required to […]

GTA 5 Online best Facility location to buy for the Doomsday Heist?

GTA Online Facilities were added as part of the games Doomsday Heist update back in December 2017. This underground bunker proved incredibly important as it gave players access to the Doomsday Heist planning room. A place for VIP, CEO or MC President's to plot their next steps in the criminal underworld. It was also a […]

Civilization 6 Multiplayer Servers Status: Problems for Epic Games new free game

Civilization 6 was announced as the latest free game available to download from Epic Games Store earlier this week, replacing GTA 5 on Thursday afternoon. For those who have never played a Civ game, its an outstanding strategy sim which whilst available on other consoles is best played with the mouse and keyboard on PC. […]

Dan Houser net worth uncovered as GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 creator quits

Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, the studio behind Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, is to leave the firm next month. Mr Houser founded Rockstar with his brother Sam in 1998. The studio's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, confirmed his departure in a notice sent to financial regulators in the United States and […]