Pokémon Black & White Is Now On PokémonTV

The popular anime series Pokémon Black & White is now available for free on Pokémon TV. It first aired in September 2010 in Japan. You can now enjoy 12 fun episodes of Pokemon catching, battling, healing, and other Pokemon adventures. The version available on this site is the English dub of the show. 

The series takes place in the Unova region, and it starts off with Ash, his Pikachu, Professor Oak, and Ash’s mother traveling together. In the first episode, Pikachu loses his electric powers when he gets struck by lightning.

Along his journey, Ash befriends Cilan, the green-haired cook of the group, and Iris, a purple-haired dragon-type gym leader. Iris is unique in the Pokemon franchise, as she is the only gym leader whose name is not changed from the original Japanese. Cilan is great at taking care of his friends. Not only is he a great cook, but he’s skilled at navigating with his town map, and makes lots of silly puns. He also uses his skills as a “Pokémon Connoisseur” to help trainers bond with their Pokemon.

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Some critics of this series have claimed that the episodes are choppy and that the stories don’t flow together from episode to episode as well as other Pokémon series do. Other viewers wish the show developed the secondary characters more fully. Another flaw people found was that Team Rocket seemed to suddenly become competent, unlike any other Pokemon series.

Part of the reason this series is critiqued so harshly could be because of the time that it came out. Those who grew up watching the series are now old enough to be searching for nostalgic feelings. Those who are looking to remember fond childhood memories are much more likely to have grown up on “Indigo League”,  “Adventures on the Orange Islands”, the “Johto Journeys”, and other Pokemon series that aired on or before 2000.

One common thing viewers appreciated was the gen 5 Pokemon featured in the show such as Woobat, Pidove, Sandile, and so many more!

Pokémon Black & White is streaming now on Pokémon TV. For more Pokémon news, click here.

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