Blaster Master Zero 2 Gets Extra DLC Character On April 21

The rather solid Blaster Master Zero 2 is set to receive some additional DLC soon. Announced in a Livestream, Inti Creates will be bringing “The Empress” from Dragon Marked for Death to its retro throwback sequel on April 21, 2020. Available for both Switch and PC, the character will go for $1.99/200 yen.

During the stream, Zero 2 director Satoru Nishizawa said, “For the Empress, we took her abilities and gameplay elements from Dragon Marked for Death and remade them so they fit seamlessly into Blaster Master Zero II. We really did whatever we could to recreate her signature attacks.”

The big change for The Empress is that she won’t have as many EX abilities as the previous DLC character, Copen. She’ll need to rely on her special tank, the D-ATTACKER, to traverse the numerous environments of the game. The change is meant to better replicate the series she hails from instead of just being a new character.

In addition to details about this character, Inti Creates revealed that Zero 2 has sold around 250,000 units worldwide. This likely includes sales of both versions, which is a pretty respectable number for a niche title. If you have any nostalgia for the NES original or just like retro-inspired action games, you owe it to yourself to check this game out.

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