GTA 6 Is Still Four Years Away According To New Rumor

The GTA 6 rumor mill has started up again, and this time the latest is that an all-new game in the series won't be here until at least 2025. Almost as soon as a game launches, some of its fans question what's next. Has work already begun on a sequel, if there is even going […]

GTA 3 And Vice City’s Reverse Engineered Projects Are Back

A fan project made up of reverse-engineered source code for GTA 3 and GTA Vice City has been restored following a counterclaim by its creators. A group responsible for reverse engineering GTA 3 and GTA Vice City’s source code in order to add to and improve the game was hit with a DMCA Takedown earlier […]

GTA Online: How To Complete The Treasure Hunt Quest

GTA 5 has been around for years; this game is so good it’s one of the few that has seen three generations of consoles come and go. While there’s no doubt Rockstar did a fantastic job with this installment in the franchise, part of what keeps GTA 5 alive is its online multiplayer mode, Grand […]

GTA 5 Is Probably Going To Cost $70 On PS5 And Xbox Series X|S

GTA 5 officially arrives on next-gen consoles this November, and odds are it’s going to be accompanied by a next-gen price. By the end of 2021, GTA 5 will be eight years old. Not just that, but it will have also been released on three different generations of console. Originally released on PS3 and Xbox […]

GTA Online And Red Dead Online Getting Big Summer Updates

Rockstar has announced a pair of big summer updates coming to GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Beginning this month and lasting into the summer, fans of the popular multiplayer destinations can look forward to partaking in new modes and quality of life updates.  GTA Online’s new offerings puts a spotlight on street racing, with new […]

My GTA Online role-play dildo prank went horribly wrong

I am haunted by a telltale vibrator in my digital home. I cannot stop it, and I cannot escape it. The best I can do is avert my eyes and hope that no one else discovers my shame. My friends and I have spent the last few weeks settling into a Grand Theft Auto Online […]

GTA Online player fixes the game’s terrible load times, gets $10K

Today’s GTA Online update is short, sweet, and contains a “thank you” to a player named t0st. Rockstar is also awarding t0st with $10,000. The reason for this reward? After logging in to try the newest heists, t0st became so frustrated by the load times that he proceeded to hunt down a solution to one […]

GTA Online Modder Gets $10,000 From Rockstar For Fixing Load Times

Grand Theft Auto 5 modder t0st managed to discover a CPU bottleneck in the PC version of the game’s multiplayer mode which slows down loading screens to such an extent that it became a running joke in the community. Their fix got them a $10,000 reward from Rockstar Games itself. The modder claimed that the […]

GTA remakes are ‘a great and encouraging question’ says Take-Two

The owners of Rockstar Games have remained non-committal about the possibility of a GTA 3 remaster for its 20th anniversary. It’s getting on for eight years since the last new Grand Theft Auto game was released, and with GTA 5 coming to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 this autumn it seems unlikely we’ll hear […]