GTA Online player fixes the game’s terrible load times, gets $10K

Today’s GTA Online update is short, sweet, and contains a “thank you” to a player named t0st. Rockstar is also awarding t0st with $10,000. The reason for this reward? After logging in to try the newest heists, t0st became so frustrated by the load times that he proceeded to hunt down a solution to one […]

GTA Online Modder Gets $10,000 From Rockstar For Fixing Load Times

Grand Theft Auto 5 modder t0st managed to discover a CPU bottleneck in the PC version of the game’s multiplayer mode which slows down loading screens to such an extent that it became a running joke in the community. Their fix got them a $10,000 reward from Rockstar Games itself. The modder claimed that the […]

GTA remakes are ‘a great and encouraging question’ says Take-Two

The owners of Rockstar Games have remained non-committal about the possibility of a GTA 3 remaster for its 20th anniversary. It’s getting on for eight years since the last new Grand Theft Auto game was released, and with GTA 5 coming to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 this autumn it seems unlikely we’ll hear […]

GTA: San Andreas Ranked As The Most Wanted Video Game Remake

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is still making waves amongst fans 17 years after its release. It turns out people want a remake of the iconic series’ fifth instalment more than any other game out there, according to a recent online survey by mobile phone recycling company Mazuma Mobile. This is a pretty impressive finding, especially […]

GTA & Red Dead Online: How To Link Your Social Club And Prime Gaming Accounts

With its weekly updates, Rockstar Games is constantly giving players plenty of reasons to check out GTA Online and Red Dead Online. New discounts on loot and cosmetics, as well as bonus XP and in-game currency, are just some of the enticing deals that make Rockstar’s open-world online games worth checking out week-to-week. However, players […]

GTA 5 Is Going Nowhere, Topped Physical PS Sales Chart In The UK Last Week

GTA 5 was the best-selling physical PS4 game in the UK last week, almost eight years after the title was first released. There are a lot of hopes for the new generation of consoles. Some of which have already been confirmed to be happening and others are just pipedreams at this point. One of the […]

GTA 5’s ‘Lamar roasts Franklin’ meme goes IRL with original actors

Lamar-roasting-Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 5 is in danger of going from meme to cliché (both being French words) in the span of a month. But not before the scene’s original actors recreate it IRL, reminding Franklin once again his yee-yee ass haircut is why Tenisha prefers to date doctors and lawyers. Obviously, this dialogue […]

GTA 5 actors recreate Lamar roasts Franklin meme in real life

One of the most popular memes from GTA 5 has been turned into a live action video starring the original voice actors from the game. Seven years later and GTA 5 remains as popular as ever, not just in terms of sales and the ongoing success of GTA Online, but the word of internet memes. […]